Dustin Vickerman heads down the floor against Caledonia’s Colton Lampert. PHOTO: Jon Speltz
Dustin Vickerman heads down the floor against Caledonia’s Colton Lampert. PHOTO: Jon Speltz
The multi-day Holiday Festival at Rushford presented some major challenges for the Spring Grove boys. On Dec. 27, the Lions (9-1) experienced defeat for the first time this season against Caledonia.

After the Herald went to press on Dec. 30, state ranked No. 10 SG was crushed by No. 2 Rushford-Peterson 79-43. Coverage of the top ten clash will be in next week's edition.

Spring Grove versus Caledonia

Even though the Lions shot the ball very close to their season average and out-rebounded their taller opponents, the Warriors won 90-57.

It was the worst loss for SG in two years, since a 34-point drubbing by Caledonia in 2011.

The high scoring Warriors have tallied at least 90 points three times in eight games this season, along with another 89-point night.

Those 90 points were the most allowed by the Lions in 16 years, and the most achieved by either team in a 119-game series dating back to 1950.

Turnovers made a huge difference. The Warriors' full-court defense forced 31 by SG, the most in 10 seasons. Hitting 38% from beyond the arc (53% overall) and scoring 29 on fast break opportunities, Caledonia rolled up points rapidly. It was the best display of sharpshooting of any Lion opponent this season.

Caledonia led 16-3 early on and 44-24 at the half. The Warriors would add 7 of their 8 three-balls in the second period.

SG shot a strong 70% (14 for 20) from the foul line but was out-scored from there as well. For the first time this season, the opponent shot more freebies, scoring on 18 of 28 attempts.

Dustin Vickerman was the KFIL-Radio Lion Player of the Game, hitting 5 of 8 from the field and 5 of 6 from the line. He led all SG scorers with 15 points.

Chase Grinde added 12 points - all from beyond the arc - while Brady Schuttemeier poured in 11 and pulled down 6 rebounds.

Alex Engelhardt had 6 points and led the team in boards with 10. He also dished out 6 assists. But with 3 assists of his own, Elliott Cross was the lone Lion with more assists than turnovers.

In spite of facing five Warriors who stood 6-foot-3 or taller, SG won the battle of the boards 30-27.

Caledonia 6-7 junior Kyle Sorenson led all scorers with 23 points. He was the KFIL Caledonia Player of the Game. Sophomore guard Colton Lampert had 14 points while West Spier added 12. Eighth-grade guard Owen King scored 11 points.

Class AA Caledonia improved to 7-1. The single loss came against the state-ranked (No. 2) Class A team from Rushford-Peterson.

In B-team action, the SG boys (6-4) played two close Holiday Classic games, falling to R-P 39-33 prior to defeating Caledonia 43-39.

Up Next:

On Monday, Jan. 30, SG played the hosts of the festival at Rushford-Peterson. The Lions will host Mabel-Canton on Jan. 2. The following night they travel to Fillmore Central for a match-up with the Falcons. On Thursday, Jan. 7, SG travels to Lyle/Pacelli.

varsity numbers

all FG: SG 40%, Cal 53%

3-pt: SG 33% (5-15), Cal 38% (8-21)

2-pt: SG 42%, Cal 62%

FT: SG 70% (14-20), Cal 64% (18-28)

Rebounds: SG 30, Cal 27

Turnovers: SG 31, Cal 13

Fouls: SG 21, CAL 21

INDIVIDUALS: P-points, R-rebounds, A-assists, S-steals, H-hustle points, * starter.

*Vickerman 15P, 4R, 2A, 1S; *Grinde 12P. 2R, 1S, 1H; *Schuttemeier 11P, 6R, 3H; Dylan Kampschroer 7P, 1R, 3A, 2S, 2H; *Engelhardt 6P, 10R, 6A 1S, 2H; Gabe Solum 2P, 3R, 2S; *Cross 2P, 1R, 3A; Jaster 2P, 1R; Tanner Sanness 2R

Southeast Conference Boys Basketball through Dec. 30 games


Spring Grove 7-0 SEC (9-2 all)

Lanesboro 5-1 SEC (6-3 all)

Mabel-Canton 4-1 SEC (5-5 all)

Hope Lutheran 3-2 SEC (4-5 all)

Houston 3-3 SEC (3-6 all)


Lyle/Pacelli 3-4 SEC (3-5 all)

Grand Meadow 1-3 (2-6 all)

Glenville-Emmons 1-4 SEC (3-7 all)

Schaeffer Academy 0-4 SEC (0-8 all)

LeRoy-Ostrander 0-5 SEC (1-7 all)

SG varsity basketball

9-2 (7-0 SEC)

W at Lanesboro 63-55

W vs. Hope Lutheran 72-30

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 74-28

W at Waukon 54-42

W vs. Houston 62-19

W at Grand Meadow 60-40

W vs. Lyle/Pacelli 80-53

W vs. Kingsland 62-54

W vs. Schaeffer Academy 76-41

L vs. Caledonia 57-90

L at Rushford-Peterson 43-79

01-02 Mabel-Canton

01-03 at Fillmore Central (Preston)

01-07 at Lyle/Pacelli (Austin)

01-10 at Hope Lutheran Girls 6:00, boys 7:15 double header

01-11 vs. Randolph, WI 3 p.m. at The Dells

01-13 Lanesboro

01-17 Glenville-Emmons

01-21 at Houston

01-23 at LeRoy-Ostrander

01-27 at Mabel-Canton

01-31 Grand Meadow

02-03 at Lansing Kee

02-06 at Schaeffer Academy

02-08 Southland 4 p.m.

02-14 at Glenville-Emmons

SG B-team basketball

6-4 (5-1 SEC)

W at Lanesboro 40-37

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 67-16

L at Waukon 56-60

L vs. Houston 37-41

W at Grand Meadow 40-19

W vs. Lyle/Pacelli 50-14

L vs. Kingsland 38-46

W vs. Schaeffer Academy 64-36

L vs. Rushford-Peterson 33-39

W vs. Caledonia 43-39