Quad City results

Teams in roll off are Miken Sports, Big Joe's Little Campground and Little Miami

Big Joe's Little Campground & Little Miami tied at 3230 total points so another game was bowled to decide the tiebreaker.

Winner of 2012 - 2013 Quad City Bowling Season: Little Miami 1157; Bowlers are Lyle Klug, Ricky Goetzinger, Eric Ness, John Griffin and Robert Krzebietke

2nd Place: Big Joe's Little Campground 1081; Bowlers are Daryl Tessmer, Leroy Kohlmeyer, Butch Kohnen, Bob Hjellimg and John Ranzenberger

Tues. Morning Bloomers- 4/16

Week 30 of 30: Hibiscus 41-19, Roses 40-20, Lilacs 36.5-23.5, Black Eyed Susans 32.5-27.5, Iris 23-37, BYE 7-53

Team Scratch Game: Roses 454, Hibiscus 451, Lilacs 430

Scratch Series: Hibiscus 1303, Roses 1280, Lilacs 1218

Individual Scratch Game: Joanne Schulze 211, Joanne Meiners 182, Jane Hayes 171

Scratch Series: Joanne Schulze 504, Jane Hayes 503, Janet Beneke 487