Volunteer and local resident Angie Halverson is helping to organize volunteers for the motocross races in Spring Grove this summer. "This event brings in good money to our town - the restaurants, gas stations and bars all get business on race days," she posted on her Facebook page.

However the group NEEDS VOLUNTEERS! The first race is set to kick off Syttende Mai weekend on Saturday, May 18 with a summer schedule to follow if there are enough volunteers to help out.

If you or your family could help, contact Halverson at (507) 498-3967 or text at 507-450-4901. "You can get down and dirty on the track flagging or just take dollars at the gate. There are many different areas you could help with, and we need 25-30 people to make each race run smoothly," she pointed out.

"We have a great group of regular volunteers that do this for just the pure fun of it, and they are asking for a little bit of a break from the heat, dust and standing in one spot for hours and hours!" To keep up with the group, visit its FB page at www.facebook.com/pages/Spring-Grove-Motocross/143164072430827.