Finding just the right gift for grandchildren of different ages and in different stages can be a real challenge for grandparents.

Whether searching for a gift for a birthday, Valentine's Day or any special occasion, the Giants of the Earth Heritage in downtown Spring Grove can be of help.

Consider giving an experience rather than just another toy - a unique experience right here in Spring Grove. Giants will be offering two weeks of Norwegian Ridge Language Camp this summer.

Kids or grandkids will be filled with joy when they receive a gift certificate for a week at camp. There will be one week for the 4 to 7 year olds and another for students of all other ages.

There are many ways for a grandparent to make their gifts special and to use the gift as a strategy for building connections across generational lines. Consider attending camp with your grandchildren. Some people from Westby, Wis., did so last summer!

Registration information is available online at or by calling (507) 498-2267.