Weather allows progress on road.

Dry weather made for long days of work for the road crews in Spring Grove. On Thursday, they were working near Trinity Lutheran Church. Work that was done this week included: Stone retaining wall, grading and setting forms for sidewalks, pouring light bases, and storm/sewer/water main work east of Division Avenue. Next week plans are to pour sidewalk and pedestrian ramps and continued work on the storm/sewer/water main east of Division Avenue. Road work also continues west of Spring Grove on Highway 44, including resurfacing with flaggers and a pilot car for the single-lane traffic. Any specific questions regarding work being done in Spring Grove can be directed to Tim Hruska at THruska@whks.com.

Casualty of road construction detour.

With Main Street completely impassable, alternate detours have been designated throughout Spring Grove. These detours are on roads that are not accustomed to seeing much semi traffic. The detour on the south east side of town has a couple very tight corners, which are challenging for semis and large vehicles to maneuver through. One very large tree, at least 75 years old, on 2nd Street SE, did not fare so well after being hit several times by passing semis. Initially, one branch was removed after a semi got hung up in it. After several more incidences of damage with the final one hitting the main trunk, the tree split and therefore became unsafe and had to be taken down. The city of Spring Grove and MnDot have been in communication with the property owner. On the opposite corner, a light pole and street sign were also hit and had to be removed.