Sen. Jeremy Miller recently wrote in this paper about the problems with our current tax structure in Minnesota.

He wrote that property taxes are bad and that our government should help businesses. He said, "Government should be a friend and partner to business."

Why then, did he vote to raise business property taxes in Winona by 5 percent and agricultural property taxes by 8.7 percent?

This occurred when he voted to eliminate the Homestead Tax Credit - a dollar-for-dollar state property-tax relief program. This was part of the Republican plan to balance last year's state budget deficit, and it passed during the state government shutdown.

Sen. Miller says the right words when he talks about helping local businesses, but he certainly doesn't vote that way when he goes to St. Paul.

He also said that he welcomes comments and ideas about how to help Minnesota businesses and government work better.

This is easy. Pass a fair tax plan that is based on the ability to pay. The only hard part appears to be convincing Sen. Miller to vote this way.

I am running for the district senate seat because the citizens of southeastern Minnesota deserve an advocate who is responsive to the needs of the whole region, and not to just a select few.

Senate Candidate Jack Krage