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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 2:07 PM

Improvements will be made at the Methodist Church Museum, pending available funds, but a little history is in order here.

  • Improvements will be made at the Methodist Church Museum, pending available funds, but a little history is in order here.

  • A trip back in time touring Spring Valley
    Today we continue a review of the downtown business district compiled by old friend, Harry Johnson, the postman.  Harry lived his entire life in Spring Valley, growing up in the years when there were seven daily passenger and freight trains huffing and chuffing through Spring Valley.   
  • Celebrating the Class of 1954
    A totally reliable source of information again proved most helpful — a bound volume of the Spring Valley Tribune from 1954. Yes, the Class of '54 is planning their 60th anniversary reunion soon, and their yearbook does not contain much news from the community. However, the Tribune covered a long account of their senior class trip to Chicago, written by Jean Latcham, and that article will be shared with the classmates.  
  • Vintage advertising gives a view into days of old
    Recently a cousin sent a sizable box of old advertising cards given out by Spring Valley merchants in the “early days.”  Apparently it was a collection my grandfather, Harry Steffens, had accumulated for the scrapbook he was working on.   
  • Pieces of Spring Valley history: cameras, harnesses, catalogs and a wedding dress

    In my last column, an 1857 wedding dress was mentioned as being exhibited in the parlor at the Washburn-Zittleman historic home.  There is much more to the story and for that we thank Sharon Jahn, our diligent historian, who did considerable research on the matter.

  • Weddings abound at Spring Valley Historical Muesum
    In December 1993, the Spring Valley Historical Society hosted both a mock wedding and a real wedding at the Pioneer Home Museum. The Rev. Jon Olson presided, and acting as the bride and groom were Eric Reiland and Becky Rasmussen. However, one of the museum directors, Edna Hagen's own granddaughter, Janet Hagen, and Frank Waters were wed in the real ceremony. The reason this event has come to mind was because a real wedding took place at the Washburn-Zittleman historic home just recently. Your columnist, Mary Jo, was wed to her longtime friend, Don Oss, another Spring Valley native. 
  • Weather aids in changing face of Spring Valley
    The crops around Spring Valley look excellent compared to corn and bean fields not too far away. We will hope that hail or drought or whatever will not keep our farmers from harvesting a bumper crop this fall. Rain, which has prevented many area farmers from planting, sometimes at all, seems to have abated a bit. 
  • Pietenpol: The quiet genius
    This column was begun back in 2004, I think, and it's a total surprise that I have never done one on Bernard Pietenpol, one of our most noted citizens. Probably the reason was because his talents generated so many articles in the newspapers, magazines, etc. that I didn't need to call attention to his creative genius. 
  • Basic rules for clothes lines, circa 1930
    This list of rules was pretty much what we followed back in the 30s and 40s, long before the present day of clothes washers and dryers.   
  • 1941 Tribune illustrates life during World War II
    An edition of the Spring Valley Tribune from February 1941 contained stark reminders that the nation was on the verge of joining World War II and announced that 27 men from Fillmore County would be taken in the February draft call including 19 volunteers. A Naval recruiting officer would be in town to visit interested men between ages 17 and 31, the terms of enlistment being six years. There was considerable print regarding pending war and support of "allies" with munitions, gearing up production of wartime equipment, and what was going on in Washington, DC. New army camps were "ready for business, one part of our national defense getting up a full head of steam." And draft quotas were up. 
  • Class reunion sparks a look back at 1931
    We hear the Class of 1949 is planning their 65th reunion in July - what a fun time that will be! Out of the 36 graduates, at least 11 of the women are still meeting about three times a year, and whose pictures from their yearbook you will find here. Serving on the board of education at that time were president Kenneth Moon, vice-president Harold Biel, secretary Frances Kumm, treasurer Lloyd Finneseth, and directors F.J. Mengis and O. Vickmark. Superintendent was John Hollander and high school principal Chester Nightengale. 
  • 1875 farm sale bill illistrates desirable property
    With farm land at premium prices these days, it was unbelievable to read the following clipping from the files of the local historical society. Dated Dec. 12, 1875, with a Fountain, Minn., address, the 90 acres sounds almost too good to be true. See for yourself. 
  • 1951 photo sparks memories
    There may be a few old timers who remember the event pictured here - a sturdy crew working at a pea viner in a field near Spring Valley. This was taken in 1951 at the DuMez viner located one mile northeast of town. Standing from left are Clark Engler, Bill Hamre, Don Van Pruien, Vince Paul, Don Oss, Joe Hamre; kneeling: Larry Moon. 
  • Murdoch family plays large role in Spring Valley's economic history
    Something I try to never do - repeat a column, but in this case, next week's column depends on this one. History that you need to know that had a terrific impact on countless families and the economy in the immediate area. So, read on. 
  • Jubilant floats are the focus of 1910 parade
    Today we continue with four more entries in the Fourth of July parade in 1910 in Spring Valley. The photographer was situated along Section Avenue about where Fowler's bp station is today, facing the T.O. Kilburn home to the west. 
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