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Tuesday, June 28, 2016 11:14 AM

Since graduation has come and gone recently, it may be time to look to an earlier one, just 68 years ago.  

  • Reminiscing with the class of 1948

    Since graduation has come and gone recently, it may be time to look to an earlier one, just 68 years ago.  

  • Spring Valley theater owner leaves legacy of delight
    Joe Mlinar — a name never to be forgotten in the history of Spring Valley.  Honored in 1978 as Kiwanis's Citizen of the Year, his accomplishments were memorable.

  • Summer brings along parade season
    We'll soon be seeing parades along Broadway again, so how about a few views of “what used to be” on the parade route?  

  • Spring Valley Bottling Company was refreshing business
    At least 10 years ago this column called attention to the bottling works that was one of the flourishing businesses in Spring Valley.   

  • Former Citizen of the Year kept SV residents entertained
    You are looking at one of Joe Mlinar's typical advertisements for movies at the State Theatre.  In 1950 "Francis" was a talking mule, voiced by Chill Wills, made popular in a series of seven films in the 1950s.

  •   Three generations of Wilkinses play significant role in local history
    In honor of veterans on Memorial Day weekend, we point to Thaddeus A. Wilkins, who served in the Civil War.  However, we need to go back one generation, to his father, Cordello Wilkins.

  • Parade photos highlight Broadway’s changing facade
    Fun times...31 years ago the 1985 Ag Days Parade was held.  Here are some pictures of north Broadway showing how businesses have changed.  

  • Photos relive lovely 1927 parade
    These are two photos from about 1927, which show an early afternoon parade on Broadway.  These were gifts from Harry Johnson who shared many photos of early Spring Valley with me, Doc and Marilyn Matson and the historical society.  

  • Natural beauty abounds at local Masonic Park
    A popular spot in the area was Masonic Park, where we gathered for family and Sunday school picnics, graduation parties and much more.  

  • Life during 1930s and 1940s left lasting impression on area youth
    Today we continue with a letter from Marilyn Cooper Davis at the time of the city's sesquicentennial in 2005.  She told about "Growing up in Spring Valley in the 1930-40s" and what was “going on” at that time. 

  • Former resident gives glimpse of growing up in SV
    When the folks of Spring Valley celebrated the town's sesquicentennial (150 years) in 2005, there was much in print from former residents.  In the special edition of the Tribune there were stories by Ethel Boger Haase, who graduated in 1934 (my mother's classmate and best friend), and one by Ella DeGroodt Webb, who graduated in 1947 (cousin of my husband, Don Oss).  

  • Influential family of physicians play role in area’s history
    An absolute treasure is a small volume entitled "Notes on the History of Medicine in Fillmore County Prior to 1900."  Written by Nora H. Guthrey of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, it was reprinted in March 1948.  This copy belonged to Mrs. Harry Warren of Spring Valley who then gave it to the Spring Valley Historical Society.  As I remember, Mrs. Warren was still engaged in nursing in the 1950s.

  • Historic map includes residents and businesses
    At the Methodist Church Museum is a remarkable map that covers one wall of the street level entrance.  It shows Fillmore County in 1878 with all the towns, townships, landowners, etc.  Along the top edge is a list of people (by towns) who perhaps paid to have their names and businesses listed.  We think Spring Valley is a thriving berg today — think what it must have been like almost 138 years ago in 1878!

  • Warner family created storied history in Spring Valley
    Have you ever heard of the North Side Dairy here in town?  Once located about where the present greenhouse is in business, it was owned by Zarah Warner.  

  • Early settlers found work plentiful in Spring Valley
    It was Nov. 14, 1940, when the Spring Valley Tribune carried an obituary on Wm. M. Mason "who died following a lingering illness."  

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