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Dale Carnegie Course #272 graduates, January 1959
Dale Carnegie Course #272 graduates, January 1959
Tuesday, July 07, 2015 10:10 AM

This splendid photo turned up in the files of the Spring Valley Historical Society and what a great picture of area folks.  It also appeared in the Tribune in January 1959 when 42 people completed the Dale Carnegie course in the past year. 

  • Memories of Dale Carnegie Course graduates

    This splendid photo turned up in the files of the Spring Valley Historical Society and what a great picture of area folks.  It also appeared in the Tribune in January 1959 when 42 people completed the Dale Carnegie course in the past year. 

  • 1911 school has a short but prominent history

    We have enjoyed the articles and pictures in the Tribune regarding the recent graduating class of 2015 — excellent coverage.  It brought to mind the 1911 class of juniors who produced what they called "a maiden effort" for an annual publication, and dedicated it to "the new high school" being completed that year. 

  • All cooped up: youthful memories of raising chickens

    The chicken incubator seen in the photo brings back many memories of life on the farm.  This particular one can be found in the lower level exhibits at the Methodist Church Museum on West Courtland.  It was found in a home in Cherry Grove in 1941, a home purchased by Harry and Iva Prinsen.  It may have been used by A.J. Nagle who owned the place previously.

  • Through the eyes of a Spring Valley newspaper boy

    At the Methodist Church Museum the other day a gentleman from Mankato came in with three pictures of considerable interest.  These show the newsstand that occupied the northwest corner of Broadway and Courtland next to the Molstad Store. 

  • Velocipede brings back memories of youthful fun

    A velocipede and wooden wagon — such fun for young ones, especially on those original concrete sidewalks (see photo).  You can see these beauties at the Methodist Church Museum, lower level. 

  • Gifts to the local historical society have included several items from Dale Klingerman, either artifacts or visuals, and this is one of them. 

  • Drug stores prove to be one-stop shops in 1934

    Viall & Cummings, prescription druggists at the Rexall Drug Store on the east side of upper Broadway, published a calendar in 1934.  In fact, the calendar was copyrighted in 1933, my birth year.  It was a "weather chart" for the year, including moon phases, signs of the Zodiac, and weather predictions for each day  The drug store offered health and beauty to every member of the family as you will see.

  • Through the lens: setting sights on Broadway
    You'll see here two views of Broadway; the first is a photo taken from the south looking north which was uncommon. 
  • Tales from Lake George through the eyes of a young boy

    Other columns have featured Lake George and the first golf course, which were located west of the trestles on the west side of town.  History?  Spring Valley not only was blessed with the Southern Minnesota Railroad that came through in 1870, later to become the "Milwaukee Road," but in 1890, the Winona & Southwestern Railroad persuaded the village to invest a considerable sum to establish a railroad from Winona to points in Iowa. 

  • Journey of life story leads to discovery of remarkable photo

    For the past decade I've been working on my 'life story' for my sons and grans.  Recently, we found that my great-uncle, O.R. Steffens, had written a history of my 'second' hometown, Racine, MN.  He not only wrote a history, but among the papers was the remarkable photo of Racine business people dated 1956 as shown here.  

  • Roots laid in 1856 by three brothers are still strong today

    Very early residents of Spring Valley were three Kellogg brothers, Joseph R., Samuel Crawford, and William Loomis who came in 1856.  An earlier column highlighted the life of William and his daughter, Clara, both prominent in city positions.

  • Newspaper gives insight into Spring Valley in 1975
    As we continue a look at Spring Valley news for the graduating class of 1975, let's look back at earlier in the year, late 1974.   
  • 1975 was a busy year in Spring Valley

    Graduates of 1975 are no doubt thinking about a 40th class reunion this year.  Checking the bound volume of the 1975 Spring Valley Tribune revealed that the class of 78 students included 21 honor students, a high percentage indeed.  Their "Reflections" yearbook was dedicated to the memory of young people, Steve and Carl Leibfried, who died in a snowmobile crash.

  • The tale of Christopher Luhr: one of Spring Valley’s earliest immigrants

    Recently we decided to look back to 1955, centennial time, to consider some of the brief bios that had been published in the Tribune.  One that caught my eye was that of Christopher Luhr, one of the earliest immigrants and here is his story.

  • A vapor cabinet, available in the 1902 Sears Roebuck catalog, sounds like a fantastic health trip and a bargain, as well.  Shown here, it is guaranteed to be of value to anyone, any age, in sickness or in health. 

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