The 1924 "Glenwood Ranges make cooking easy, equipped with the Robert Shaw Oven Heat Control" — apparently a very desirable feature. The company carried coal, wood, oil and gas ranges as well as heating stoves and furnaces.
The 1924 "Glenwood Ranges make cooking easy, equipped with the Robert Shaw Oven Heat Control" — apparently a very desirable feature. The company carried coal, wood, oil and gas ranges as well as heating stoves and furnaces.
Modern Priscilla magazine was published monthly from headquarters in Boston, Mass., for only 20 cents a copy. Their September 1924 issue proclaimed that it combined Home Needlework and Everyday Housekeeping, and indeed the 60 pages showed off absolutely beautiful color full-page ads for everything from gas stoves to personal and household products. Patterns and instructions for handwork included dozens of treasures: lacework, Egyptian card weaving, "Bits of Tatting," knits for babies, crocheted moneymakers for bazaars, and wool embroidery. They featured ways to make college-girl hats, the new long blouse costume, good lines for underwear, and the latest fashions. We could read about "Tempting Little Reed Baskets" or "A Variety of Pickles to Tickle the Palate" plus "Novel and Fetching Aprons."

Among the delicious-sounding recipes, a doctor explained "Food Superstitions & Mysteries on the Menu." Apparently there was a belief that milk should not be drunk along with fruits and vegetables at a meal; the author went to great lengths dispelling this ridiculous rumor. He touched on the misunderstanding that chocolate and cocoa created acidic conditions, and many other weird concepts. An entire section was devoted to "cravings" of expectant mothers, and he dismissed as being unfounded the thought they might be harmful. Other articles: "What Every Homemaker Should Know About Copper" plus "Electricity in the Home." One treatise dealt with raising a precocious child. Hmmm. Didn't we all have precocious youngsters?

Highlights of colorful full-page ads include the following: • The Bath Soap - Fairy Soap - a perfectly pure soap to revitalize the whole body. • The Victrola with its distinctive logo, "His Master's Voice" - the little dog, ears alert to the horn on the Victrola. Prices ranged from $150 to $290. • The Simplest, safest aid to Natural Beauty - Ivory Soap - 99 & 44/100% pure - it floats! • Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup - 12 cents a can - right from the Heart of the Jersey tomato. • Colgate's Ribbon Dental Cream brings out the beauty of your teeth; large tube only 25 cents; established 1806. The Center of Easier Housecleaning - Fels Naptha Soap - the Golden Bar for scrubbing floors, bathroom fixtures, laundry, rugs and woodwork. Cleans everything cleanable. • Montgomery Ward, est. 1872, oldest mail order house, new 728-page catalog free, just send in the coupon. Satisfaction guaranteed, quality promised. • Sixteen leading washing machine makers say, Use Rinso - the new laundry soap - dissolves completely - firm lasting suds. • Post Toasties - Improved double-thick Corn Flakes - stay crisp in milk or cream. • New Hoover combines all three features: electric carpet beater, carpet sweeper, and suction cleaner. See your dealer. They seemed to be selling a pay-by-month plan. • Sears, Roebuck & Co. - send your orders to the world's largest store - send for free catalog of 35,000 bargains - 24 hour service. • Gold Medal Flour - by Washburn & Crosby Co. in Minneapolis - unvarying quality for sixty years. • Carnation Evaporated Milk - from Contented Cows - double richness - tasty recipes for cream sauces, tomato salad, and no-egg mayonnaise dressing. • Certo Surejell - refined and concentrated pectin - over 5,000,000 women used this last year - makes perfect grape jelly.

Half-page or smaller ads promoted: • Underwood Pure Deviled Ham for picnic sandwiches. • Lux for dishwashing, all fine laundering, all cleaning purposes. • Roper Gas and Electric Stoves. • Olson Rugs - send in old rugs and clothing - materials washed, carded, combed and rewoven - any color. (I remember my mother did that, and the new rugs were a wonder.) • Kraft Cheese, Decidedly Better. • White House Coffee. • Nucoa, wholesome bread spread made from cocoanut and pasteurized milk, good for children. • Mentholatum - massage into temples to relieve nervous headache. • Sani-Flush - cleans closet bowls without scrubbing. • Question: "How did a demure little wren of a girl change almost overnight into a Bird-of-Paradise woman? Send 10 cents in stamps to Psychology Press in St. Louis Missouri for 'Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood.'" • Pepsodent - the New-Day Dentifrice. • Maternity apparel from Lane Bryant of New York. • Uneeda Graham Crackers - to grow sturdy children. • Dr. Lawton's Automatic Waist-Line and Abdomen Reducer - the Vacuum Applicator massages away fatty tissue. (I'm surprised the guy didn't make a fortune with this marvelous corset!) • Maybelline to darken and beautify lashes and brows. • Browntone - Why be gray? Perfectly harmless - tints hair any color. • Stillman's Cream not only removed freckles but whitened skin.

Many of the personal and household products, in sample sizes for customers to try, were available simply on request. The magazine was in large format, 14" x 10", and by subscription for $2 a year. It remains an amazing collection of fascinating crafts and recipes.