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Tuesday, September 29, 2015 8:50 AM

I have two comments regarding the same Spring Valley Tribune.

  • I have two comments regarding the same Spring Valley Tribune.

  • Very recently the United States Supreme Court declared homosexual marriage part of our Constitution.  We have since had time to think, and perhaps to digest some of the implications of this new “revelation.” 
  • Return of Turbenson sign appreciated

    I had opportunity to visit Spring Valley recently at the time of my SVHS class of 1960 reunion held during Ag Days.  Per usual, it was great fun to visit with classmates as well as former neighbors and longtime friends. 

  • On Aug. 14, we were traveling with three of our grandchildren from Mankato to visit Mystery Caves. North of Spring Valley we developed serious car trouble. Limping into town we arrived at Zeimetz Motors to inquire about renting a car. 
  • I am always going to do this; then put it off.

  • Mary Jo Dathe wrote a story in her history column about the school buses of the ‘60s.  That article brought back thoughts of dust and long rides. 

  • One of the characteristics of my family, besides the 13 kids, the homeschooling, and the many odd things we do, is the fact that we’ve always had two dogs. And they’re always big dogs. Very big dogs. They’re not Great Danes, but they’re definitely on the 100-pound end of the spectrum.

  • The article by Mary Jo Dathe with the subject of chickens brought back some memories, some rustic, some smelly, some back breaking and some happy.

  •   I want to thank Mark Reps for his fine articles on health issues.  
  • It's undeniable that our rural towns are different than they were even one generation ago. There are a few less businesses, a few more shuttered houses. To passersby, it might appear that these places are dying, some already dead. Certainly, books like Joseph Amato's “Decline of Rural Minnesota” (1993) and Patrick Carr and Maria Kefalas' “Hollowing Out the Middle” (2010) tell the story of young people moving out, deaths outpacing births, and the decline of agriculture as a primary economic engine.

  • Enjoyed your column on the Kellogg family (Glimpses of Yesteryear April 29 edition).  If you mentioned it, I missed it and I apologize for reading a non-Braille newspaper.

  • Residents who were incorrectly concerned that I do not support land buffers can rest easier tonight.

  • Regarding the article in the Spring Valley Tribune entitled “Legislative survey results show preferences of District 28B residents,” I have a problem with your newspaper reporting the results of Rep. Davids’ questionnaire as straight news 
  • Kirby Johnson's recent letter to the editor (Spring Valley Tribune April 29 edition) hit the nail on the head as to why I strongly support repealing the estate tax – in order to protect the family farm.

  • Greg Rendahl recently expressed his disappointment with my opposition to Gov. Dayton's idea requiring 50-foot buffer zones along rivers and streams (Bluff Country Reader letter April 20 edition). He thinks I'm catering to the interests of a few "greedy" farmers.

Right to die

California looks to become the fifth state to pass a right-to-die law. Do you think Minnesota should have such a law?


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