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Tuesday, April 28, 2015 9:19 AM
Greg Davids is again proposing to benefit the rich at the cost to education and infrastructure. Raising the estate tax exemption is wrong. Using a current tax surplus to effect taxes for all time is ingenuous.
  • Greg Rendahl recently expressed his disappointment with my opposition to Gov. Dayton's idea requiring 50-foot buffer zones along rivers and streams (Bluff Country Reader letter April 20 edition). He thinks I'm catering to the interests of a few "greedy" farmers.

  • Greg Davids is again proposing to benefit the rich at the cost to education and infrastructure. Raising the estate tax exemption is wrong. Using a current tax surplus to effect taxes for all time is ingenuous. 
  • Tax season is winding down for another year.  Many of us have done our taxes.  Many are still waiting.  It is good during this time of year to contemplate our taxes, how much we pay and what our politicians are doing with those monies.

  • After reading the piece written by Dr. Mark Reps, March 25 edition, regarding as to when to take the keys away from senior drivers, I decided that I had to make my 2½¢ opinion known.

  • With housing being considered a basic need, the state does a lot to help ensure Minnesotans of all ages and incomes are able to find an affordable place to rent or own. This was the focus of discussions I had recently with some Albert Lea constituents who work with Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless.

  • Now that we’re about half way through the 2015 legislative session, you’ll start to hear much more discussion about budget targets. With the Legislature under full DFL control over the past two years, many pieces of legislation passed on strictly partisan votes. This year, we have a split Legislature and Republicans in the Senate have been busy bringing proposals to the table that will help Minnesotans. We’re seeing encouraging signs that some of these bills are gaining traction, so keep an eye out for them as committee deadlines approach.

  • My name is Jackson Pettes and I am a sixth grader at Paideia Academy in Apple Valley, Minn. As a class project, for Minnesota history, we are researching a Distinguished Service Cross soldier with Minnesota connections to World War I. The soldier I chose was William MacDonald, who was born in Chatfield. As part of this project, we are sending it to editors of local newspapers to inform citizens about Distinguished Service Cross recipients and local connections. 
  • On Tuesday, March 31, Fillmore County will be electing a new county commissioner for District 1.  District 1 includes residents of City of Chatfield, City of Wykoff, Chatfield Township, Jordan Township, Fillmore Township, Spring Valley Township and Sumner Township. 

  • Today we have between 5 and 10 million Muslims in the U.S.  
  • To those of you that don't know us, we are both retired volunteers from the Spring Valley Ambulance. We each reflect back with pride during our 25 years of volunteer service.  We read with interest the "cutting ties" article in last week’s Spring Valley Tribune.  First of all, we want to assure this community that your ambulance service is still intact and will be there for you in times of need.  Next, we wish to give you a bit of history regarding the ambulance "association."

  • Over the past few months, an increasing number of law enforcement officers across our nation have been targeted and even killed. A dangerous occupation has become even more so in some areas.

  • A young man from Germany used the Tribune (Dec. 24 issue, story on foreign exchange student at Kingsland) to tell everyone how he felt about being in the United States, Minnesota and the small town of Spring Valley.  I love Spring Valley, too.  I sort of have a feeling about what he is going through during this time of the year.

  • My husband, Daryl Jensen, is soon retiring from the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Department after 35 years in law enforcement and 10 years as sheriff, all served in Fillmore County.  
  • They say that LIFE is what happens when we are making other plans.... ditto DEATH.

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