Saw an article recently in the Tribune about bullying. Girl Scout Troop #40318 did some research and learned a few things. Now let's hope the adults, who are their mentors, learn the meaning of bullying.

I agree with one conclusion, stand up to bullying. When I was in third grade in Spring Valley, a classmate liked to jump onto my back and clasp his arms around my neck. Why? I don't know and I doubt if he ever did. I told him several times not to do that, I didn't like it. My parents taught me that to fight in school was a no-no. After about the fifth time of his stupid play antics, I decided that enough was enough. The next time he jumped onto my back, I bent over and grabbed my ankles. And my classmate, he was lying on the ground, looking up into my face, which was about a foot from his. He had a very perplexed look on his face, like "What just happened and what am I doing on my back in the dirt"? He did not bother me with that stupid game again.

Have you ever played the What If game? Really, it is quite simple.

What if:

•We (the U.S.) had not gone to war with the English, King George III?

•We had given up on the New World after 10 years?

•We had not explored the land to the west?

•We had not made the Louisiana Purchase?

•We had not entered WWI?

•We had not entered WWII?

•We had not purchased Alaska?

•You decide not to "turn the other cheek"?

Because we are a free nation, we hire people or groups to do for us. We hire cops to protect us. We hire firemen to put out fires. If we had to fight the Red Coats again, 75 percent of us wouldn't know which end of the rifle to point at the Red Coats. I do believe it is time for us freemen to learn how and when to defend ourselves. We need to put bullies in their place and, if necessary, "throw away the key". You can't always depend upon a cop to be at your beckoning nor a fireman standing by your house with hoses attached to a hydrant nor an adult standing by your side to prevent bullying. We do not become the bullies after winning, i.e., the end of WWII, Germany and Japan, are good examples of that.

Dale Schunke

Tucson, Ariz.