My furnace started having issues and I pay for the protection plan through Minnesota Energy. I called the customer service line (which I thought was well designed). I only work two miles from home. I don't have a full-time house sitter. I have a problem opening my house up for somebody I don't know, and for them to enter without the presence of my own.

I asked Minnesota Energy if they could just give me a call within five to 10 minutes of arrival as a courtesy call since I am very lucky to only work two miles from home, and I would meet them there. I was told that they won't do that, and I was either going to have to have somebody there or leave my house unlocked. Am I wrong to be upset at this? I hated trying to find somebody to blow their whole day to stay at the house when there is absolutely no ETA of a technician. If anybody else feels this way, please contact Minnesota Energy and let them know also.

Matt Rowe