June 25, 2012, was a day that changed my family's life forever. My aunt Aggie suffered a brain aneurysm and died the next day. Aggie had checked on her driver's license to be an organ donor.

Currently there are over 112, 000 people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Each day 18 will die unnecessarily because the organ they needed wasn't available.

My aunt's donation of her lungs saved a man's live. The guy had less than two days to live when her lungs arrived to him. His family had traveled to say their final farewells to him, but instead got the great news that lungs were on their way. The male is now doing so well. He was always a very active person. He was told that if his progress keeps improving, he'll get to someday go scuba diving. My family found major comfort in knowing that people like this man will be able to have a normal life, because someone cared enough to have their organs donated.

Currently, 81,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant. Two people received a new chance at life, because of receiving Aggie's kidneys. You can save over 60 people's lives by simply donating whether it's through organ or tissue donations. Tissue can be saved up to five years from the time of recovery.

How can you become a donor? Check your "yes" to donation box when getting or renewing your driver's license. You can also go to www.organdonation.org to register. You may also call 888-5-DONATE.

Thank you for your time and please consider organ and tissue donation!

Brenda Petersen