Spring Valley was flooded again this week.

Has the city ever considered a dike? A dike does not have to be a big, ugly earthen wall. Have you seen the nice row of locally quarried retaining wall rock stacked up at O'Connell's? Think about nice rock like this on one side with gravel pushed up against it on the other side with a nice thick veneer of black dirt planted with hostas and bushes (deep, embedded root systems) directing the flow of water away from the downtown.

But what about the streets?! Consider a cement barricade that could be pulled across with a tractor when needed. Keep a few farm wagons loaded with sandbags with a tarp over them and you have protection for the downtown businesses and homes that can be put in place within an hour or two.

Heck, it could even be a tourist attraction if the rock is from the Wykoff quarry - that is heavily fossilized rock! Build a cave or two into it and it becomes a natural playground! Put a few rocks down by the bike/walking trail to sit on and it all pulls together aesthetically.

AND the city has $200,000 that is earmarked for "capital improvements." Wouldn't protecting the homes and businesses and City Hall downtown be a capital improvement?

Bev Sandlin

Spring Valley