Dear editor,

I am disappointed to hear that coach Andrew Peterson, the elementary phy-ed teacher, and coach Brent Stinson, Project-Lead-The-Way coordinator, were both denied tenure by the administration and the Kingsland School Board. Our son enjoyed both of them as coaches. They went above and beyond to open the gym and weight room so athletes could practice, and they were and are positive role models for young men.

When I was an elementary substitute teacher, both these male teachers were helpful to me. They appeared to have learning plans, and had kind, but firm, discipline with the children. What more could we ask?

Because of the non-tenure, coach Peterson has left for Fillmore Central. We would be lucky to find a male elementary phy-ed teacher as good as he is. Fillmore Central, our loss is your gain. Coach Peterson, thank you, and I wish you the best.

Karen Grandall

Spring Valley