In response to the "No Justice for Trayvon Martin" letter, there were mistakes made by George Zimmerman: He should have obeyed the order to stay in his car. That was a big mistake. He should have stayed further away from Mr. Martin if he was going to disobey the order.

However, we keep getting the picture of an angelic looking 12-year-old boy. The facts are that Trayvon Martin was at least 17 years old; he was a drug user, and maybe a thief - at least. He had had more than one run-in with the police. He had just been kicked out of school because he showed up with illegal drugs on him, (and in him? His autopsy showed he had illegal drugs in him) and allegedly with stolen property on him.

George Zimmerman has been called, by the national news media, and politicians a "white Latino." Why? Because, as we all have been conditioned to know, only white people are prejudiced!

The fact is George Zimmerman is not prejudiced; he mentors children from all walks of life, including black children.

We keep hearing and reading about the screams of poor Trayvon Martin, yet even the "experts" could not agree who was screaming. As for the "Stand Your Ground" laws, we hear only about those who misuse it, but never hear about the crimes not committed because someone who would have otherwise been another innocent victim was not because he/she or someone close by had a gun and stopped the intended crime. And not one of the crimes we have agonized over during the past few years has been committed by a member of the NRA! They have all been committed by either a radical liberal, or a member of the radical Muslim community.

This was a tragedy which did not need to happen, but it was not a crime, at least not by George Zimmerman.

Tommy G. Thorson