For those of you, like me, who are fed up with Romney, Ryan, Obama, Biden, Bachman, Pawlenty, and Palen's, pile of professional political "poohah," I've come up with the perfect solution for all of us. I'm endorsing my 3-year-old grandson, Parker, for President! That's right. The simple reason being is this innocent little man has an answer for everything. If there's something he doesn't know, he'll water-board me with questions till I come up with an answer that he understands, or the one he wanted to hear in the first place!

If I holler downstairs and ask, "What are you doing down there?" he yells back, "What am I doing down here?" as if to say, I've done nothing wrong since I got here, and anything that is wrong, I'll be long gone, and there will be somebody else here to blame it on. He's the perfect politician!

Besides, he's less than three feet tall, doesn't eat much, he's totally "green" with his electric car and his pedal tractors. He loves hunting, fishing, and especially farmers. I don't see how this little guy can lose! He's not a lying millionaire, I can show you his birth certificate, the only woman from his past is his mother and the only time you'll catch him with his pants down is if he plays too long and has an accident - and that can happen to any of us once you turn 50!

Once he's elected, the door will be open for all of your grandchildren to run for the House and Senate. That way when they bicker and fight all day and accomplish nothing except raising our taxes and blowing the money, we can just give them an ice cream bar and send them home! We don't have to pay them millions of dollars to run for office the next time.

I know what you're thinking. This guy's a "genius." With only a couple of weeks till the election, there's not much time, but given the choices we've got, it's pretty simple.

Independently yours,

Roger Davidson

Spring Valley