The Postal Service is waging an attack on rural America never seen before. They are thumbing their nose and saying we don't care about rural America, we don't need you.

All across rural Minnesota, post offices and communities are being notified they are being considered for closure. Yet, 10 people in the Northland district office in Minneapolis draw collective annual salaries of over $1 million a year. Not one of these 10 put their hands on mail. Their salary is public information.

If every small post office in the U.S. were closed, the savings would be less than one percent of their annual operating budget. The savings is minimal, but the inconveniences for many small town residents are significant. It sure sounds like the cutting is starting at the wrong end.

The postal service no doubt has financial problems. It is mandated by Congress to set aside more than $5 billion dollars annually to pay for future retiree health care benefits.

This problem only Congress can fix, yet it has done nothing to solve it.

Lyle Puppe

Retired postmaster

St. Paul (formerly of Goodhue)