It was very disappointing to read Elliot Dallavalle's letter accusing me of calling all Fillmore County residents alcoholics. I never said this, and it's unfortunate some Northfield liberal felt the need to distort the facts.

What I'm trying to do in St. Paul is to allow the people of Fillmore and Houston counties to keep more of their hard-earned money.

What Gov. Dayton has proposed, and the DFL-led Legislature is debating, is a $3.7 billion tax increase proposal that would raise taxes on dozens of goods and services. This includes everything from newspaper advertisements, veterinary services on family farmers, auto

repairs, and yes, alcoholic beverages.

Dallavalle wants you to believe this proposed tax increase amounts to 3 cents per drink. Actually, it would be an additional tax of $1.15 for certain glasses of wine. Meanwhile in Iowa, the alcohol tax is 7 cents.

This is just one striking example of how the Democrat-led Legislature is trying to pass job killing tax increases on job providers, the poorest of the poor, the wealthy, and everyone in between.

As your representative, it is my honor to serve you in St. Paul. I believe the people of Fillmore and Houston counties are worth fighting for, and I know they do not want or need their taxes raised on any item or service over the next two years in order to massively expand spending in state government.


State Rep. Greg Davids