Once again "We, the People" of the United States must endure the sadness of a school being attacked and children and administration being murdered.

No one, I believe, who has not suffered the unexpected loss of a child or other loved one can begin to understand the grief these Connecticut families must now endure. Not to mention the school shootings which have taken place since.

We will again do much soul searching trying to make sense of something which makes no sense, and we will try to bring peace to our schools. We will, of course, again fail. We will consider everything, which sounds good because it appeals to our emotions. For a time our emotions will rule. Emotions must, however eventually give way to realistic contemplations of ways to keep others from knowing the sadness of the families in Connecticut and beyond. We will again try to eliminate guns from the law-abiding citizens because if we take guns away from those who obey the law, show common sense and restraint, it will somehow mean the criminals will stop using guns. And, of course, if they have no guns they will not commit crime, because there is no other way to murder people! We pretend there is no God, (of course every false god is welcome in our government, including our schools, but not the One True God. The Muslims refuse to comply with the lie of "separation of church and state," and are not expected to do so, only the Jews and Christians) so Satan and his legions have freedom to do their deeds!

We do not teach American history, so few people understand why the Second Amendment exists. While we were still under the control of Great Britain the British soldiers would come into our homes unannounced; we had to feed them and give them lodging and care for their horses, then they would take our food, guns and ammunition, and leave. They terrorized us and tried to keep us without any means to defend ourselves from them. They did not just take our "weapons" and leave our "hunting guns." They were both the same weapons and the same ammunition. We had the same weapons the government had and government wanted to keep us from being able to defend ourselves. Our founding fathers warned us of the dangers of an out of control central government and wrote a constitution which would keep Washington from becoming the same type of government from which we had just freed ourselves. But, "We, the People," our founders told us, would need to remain eternally vigilant or Washington would, indeed, become corrupted like every other government.

The Second Amendment was added to our Constitution to guarantee every citizen the ability to protect ourselves and our families from Washington, first, but also from our state governments and county and, if necessary, our local governments as well as providing us a way to feed our families and protect ourselves from criminals. If Washington comes to attack us with "assault weapons," with ammunition clips which hold 30 or more rounds, and we are stuck in our homes with "non-assault weapons" with ammo clips which hold no more than seven or 10 bullets, who do you suppose will win.

(Emotion, not reality.) What is an assault weapon? A gun which holds only one bullet when loaded is an assault weapon. If used properly it can even be an assault weapon when empty! A baseball bat may be an assault weapon when used to harm someone. Are we going to ban baseball bats! Knives can be assault weapons. Should we ban them? The hands and feet of those who have studied and become proficient in the martial arts are considered assault weapons. Are we going to ban hands and feet?

Our politicians keep promising they have no desire to ban hunting weapons. The Second Amendment does not deal only with hunting weapons. It does not mention any type of weapon. And yes, they do intend to one day ban all weapons, (guns and rifles) because every gun, every rifle, can kill someone. Of course the weapon cannot kill anyone by itself, only people can kill using those weapons and mostly only after they are loaded.

Every politician I have seen on television promoting gun bans has admitted the laws already in place and those being proposed would not have stopped what happened in Connecticut. So, why are they proposing laws they admit will not work? Because only if they pass laws they know will not work will they be able, after these new laws fail, to pass newer, even more strict laws to ban even more guns!

Connecticut has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation. Those laws did not stop the slaughter. The school had just installed a new security system to prevent the kind of carnage which the system did not stop. The state of Illinois also has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation and the city of Chicago has the most restrictive guns laws and does not have even one single gun shop in the city yet it has by far the largest number of murders and other gun violence in the United States, so what is the answer?

Jesus! The "prince of Peace." Our Constitution - our First Amendment, guarantees the government will never prevent you from publicly acknowledging God including in schools. Government, according to our Constitution and our first Amendment will never tell you what religion you can be, what denomination you may be when, where, how, how often or how long you can worship God, sing praises to Him, or pray. Our government is violating our Constitution and our First Amendment and trying to eliminate our Second Amendment. Chaos and destruction continue and continue to increase. We continue to elect the same people to Washington and to St. Paul. We will, therefore continue to get more of the same!

If we want peace in our schools, there is only one answer: Jesus, "The Prince of Peace!"

Tommy G. Thorson