Search Google Maps for Maiden Rock, Wis.

Zoom in to 20ft/10m over the frac sand mine just down river from Maiden Rock.

Notice all of the sand "spilled" along the RR tracks and road.

Move away from the river, past the main mine building and equipment. Notice the sharpness of the image.

Continue moving away from the river along the largest mine road until the BLURRED part of the image takes up the top half of your computer monitor.

You are looking at a cloud of dust so thick that it casts a dark shadow and obscures EVERYTHING below it. The "blurry" vegetation is just vegetation that is partially obscured by the dust cloud.

Return to the RR tracks that parallel the river. Move upriver until you see a train on the tracks. Note that most of the rail cars and the track are in sharp focus except for at least one car, and the track it sits on, nearest to Maiden Rock. It has disappeared under a cloud of dust.

Now, take a closer look at the town of Maiden Rock itself. The residents of that town are LIVING under that cloud.

All of this evidence supports the claims made in a YouTube video that I invited people to check out in my last letter to the editor.

I believe that THERE IS BIG MONEY BACKING THESE PROPOSED MINNESOTA PROJECTS and that lobbying local officials is just as easy and effective, if not more so, than lobbying federal officials.

Anyone who votes to let the genie out of the bottle and allow frac sand mining here in southeastern Minnesota needs to justify to the voters why they chose to rule in favor of increasing the wealth of a few at the expense of the many.

Once this genie gets out, it can NEVER be put back in its bottle.

Mary Jane Christopherson