On the morning of Oct. 31 between the hours of 6:15 to 6:30 a.m. on Highway County 44 between the Lime Springs turn and Cherry Grove turn my family lost two family cats within five minutes of each other.

My husband and I were having coffee on our porch. I had just let out mama cat (Muffins) to go to the bathroom and her 6-month-old daughter, Princess, ran out behind her.

About five minutes later as a car was going by right in front of our house we heard a terrible noise. I went out to see what had happened. I found Princess laying on the edge of the road. Mind you there were no braking of lights.

As I was picking her up, crying, Muffins comes out to see what's going on.

I was standing holding our dead 6-month-old Princess. As I watched in horror our mama cat is run over - again no brake lights, no slowing down, no moving over to avoid us. So what was the driver doing to not see us? If I were over a few more inches, I also would have been laying on the road.

At the time Muffins left behind seven 5-month-old babies, so I guess I should be thankful I wasn't rundown also to leave my children without their mom.

Muffins and Princess were buried together.

As my daughter with Down syndrome says, "They're with Jesus!"

To the drivers: Shame on you!

Diane Gehrking