I would like to respond to the “Word on the Web” articles about Wykoff.

I would like to say that it is too bad the council got rid of Mayor (Lyman) Hare. No one is perfect and if there were problems they should have discussed them with Lyman and given him a chance to work it out. He is a good man and did a good job and would still be doing a good job if given the support he needed.

The other thing I would like to address is the treating of our city clerk. Cheryl does a wonderful job and it is not always easy work. All she did was ask the council about PTO time. She was reminded that she is a salaried employee and doesn’t get this. It should have dropped after that and not talked about again. I’m sure we have all brought things up to our employers and have been told no. The problem here is it is in the paper and people are trying to make Cheryl out to be the bad guy. Cheryl did not get Mayor Lyman Hare fired. She doesn’t have a vote on the council and it was our council that got him to leave. We need to put the blame where it belongs. When we vote for council members we need to ask ourselves if this person will be a good representative and supporter for Wykoff and its needs. Council meetings are open to the public, attend one.

Joan Ann Kidd

Wykoff Resident