For what it's worth and to many people in Spring Valley, it's worth a lot!

On the weekend of May 3 my wife took leaves and grass clippings to the brush dump. When she came back she said that someone had thrown out an old pane glass window and what looked like some old toys and clothes. On the weekend of May 10 I went to the brush dump to throw some brush out and I saw a TV. Now it's obvious that those items we saw laying out there were not supposed to be there and many more people use the brush dump properly.

Our concern is that the brush dump remain open so we can take our leaves, brush, grass clippings and garden waste to the dump when we have time, which can be difficult for those people who work out of Spring Valley. If the city were to close the dump because of misuse or only have it open limited hours, where would we go with the brush and yard waste? We really appreciate that the city has it open all the time. Let's not ruin it by throwing other unwanted items out there.

We don't know who left the toys, glass, and TV out there, but it's just not fair for the rest of the people in Spring Valley to potentially have access to the brush dump taken away because of some person's thoughtless behavior. It would be nice to know that we are teaching our children right from wrong and looking out for our environment. There are proper places to dispose of those items if you just check with your garbage company or the city.

Brad and Ann Ihrke