When Spring Valley and Wykoff joined to form one school they were very wise. They didn't call it Spring Valley or Wykoff or Spring Valley, Wykoff - they let the students choose a name. They named it Kingsland and so Kingsland it is!

Yes, we carry on our teaching in two settings and right now we're in a log-jam as to whether this should continue. Times have changed. Pre-school and kindergarten have been added on the lower level and some college credit classes on the upper level. In my opinion, that makes 15 grades.

Beautiful! That makes pre-school - grade 3 one section; 4th - 8th another section and 9th -12th, with some college credits, a third section. Since a new unit has already been constructed for the lower level in Spring Valley, that could be the permanent home for pre-school - grade 3 with their own principal and teachers. The building in Wykoff could be 4th - 8th grades with their own principal and teachers and have an 8th grade graduation celebration. The high school would remain in Spring Valley with its own principal and teachers, offering college courses as well. And our superintendent will keep the education ship sailing smoothly so that all three sections are headed in the right direction.

As for the buildings - each has its own unique thing and each unit has need of modifying and upgrading. Let's not throw the baby out with the water - fix the leaks - make sure heating systems are in good working conditions. Build a modern track around the football field - air conditioning may be a want but not a need. Fans and blowers are reasonable and make the few hot days bearable.

Let's have one school - three units - and may God bless us in all of our plans.

Virgil Eickhoff,

Former teacher