"What goes around comes around."

Or at least that is the hope of the Spring Valley EDA and Chamber.

These two groups have combined on a new project with the help of local business owners. Karma Cash is an educational and promotional program in which they hope to demonstrate, though the cooperation of local business owners, how to "reinvest in our community."

The idea is to invest two $50 Spring Valley Bucks in two businesses. These businesses are then asked to use these bucks at another local business, and so on. Starting in July and lasting for five weeks, each buck will be cycled though a total of five businesses. The final businesses are asked to reinvest their bucks toward their chamber membership. The hope is this will demonstrate how we, as consumers, can affect the local economy.

Each week, in chamber communications, board member Andrea Hindt will be highlighting the two businesses involved in the project that week and explaining how the transaction affected the local economy and, in the bigger picture, the community of Spring Valley.

The chamber and EDA have been promoting "Shop Local" for some time now, but they believe that if the business owners themselves can show the impact on the community they too can encourage consumers to shop local.

As economic development director Cathy Enerson explained, " If each family would just buy $100 a month locally, it would make a huge impact." Remember, by choosing to shop local you are supporting local businesses, which create jobs and growth in our communities, she added.