Mitch Horsman
Mitch Horsman
It was fate that brought Mitch Horsman into the insurance world and ultimately back to Spring Valley.

Two years ago on Jan. 2, Horsman and his family suffered the loss of their home due to a house fire. The experience showed him the importance of insurance and the hardship it can bring to an already heartbreaking situation, when you learn you do not have enough.

"I learned a lot from dealing with that. I was like most people who didn't care much about insurance. But once we needed it, we found out we didn't have enough."

And it was that experience that made him think about the possibility of a career in insurance.

The 1992 Spring Valley High School graduate has lived with his family in the Wykoff area for the last 10 years, but had been making ends meet with factory based jobs in Rochester.

Coincidently, he had begun to want a change of career just before the house fire. Tired of the commute and wanting to spend more time with his family he made the decision to look into a career in the insurance industry.

Horsman began working for Farmers Insurance at its main office in Rochester in August. Wanting to be closer to home he moved into his new location at 128 South Broadway in October.

With that, his life came full circle as he now has his office next to Ray's Barbershop, where he got his haircut as a child. And across the street he can go grab a bite and catch up with family at his cousin's eatery, Elaine's Café.

Now he is working to make people aware of the importance of having the right insurance, strongly recommending insurance assessments to everyone, not just his clients.

He admits learning all the ins and outs of the business has been time consuming, but since the job seems to fit him just right, the effort is well worth the hours of hard work.

The rare bit of spare time he enjoys is focused around his family with time spent hiking, camping and travelling in the hopes of opening his children's eyes to the world. During the summer months he loves to help coach and referee for his children's softball team in Wykoff.

And if he can squeeze it in maybe even time for a game of pool, one of his favorite pastimes.

As for working in Spring Valley, Horsman explains "You know when I was growing up here I always thought I had to get out and go somewhere with more going on, but now I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It's beautiful here, it has variety and everyone is friendly, you can't find that everywhere. And it's such a safe place to raise a family and have a business."