Go ahead, put all your eggs in one basket.

"Kids can bring their own baskets or bags, but we will have a few extra bags just in case," said Julie Mlinar, of the Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce, who will welcome children in preschool through third grade to the chamber's annual Easter egg hunt at Spring Valley Senior Living on Saturday, March 23.

Once again, the Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce will host the Easter egg hunt, although this year, and in future years, the hunt will be held the weekend before Easter instead of the day before Easter. However, this year, because Easter is so early, they are planning on an inside hunt, just in case the weather has not warmed up and the snow has not melted.

"The Spring Valley Senior Living has graciously opened the entire complex for us to run and find eggs. If, by some miracle, the weather is beautiful and the ground dry, we will hold the hunt outside, but right now we're planning on indoors," said Mlinar.

There will be cookies, juice and coffee starting at 9:30 a.m. Also at 9:30 will be the sign in for door prizes. Once again, many businesses have generously given prizes for the kids to win when their name is drawn. Plus, the Easter bunny will be there, and if it's not too cold, maybe some bunnies for petting, so bring your camera.

Mlinar explained how the hunt will be held, saying, there are three age groups, starting at pre-school and under, kindergarten to first, and second and third graders. Each group will have an area to search in with guides to take them where they need to go at 10 a.m., so everyone will meet at the Evergreens entrance and then be divided up from there. As the kids return their collected eggs, they will receive a bag of candy. Then they will be guided back to the Evergreens entrance where they started so they can check for the door prize winners before they leave. There will also be a special prize for the golden egg that is found in each group.

She pointed out that the event is an intergenerational gathering. "This is a wonderful time for all ages to come together and spend a little time having fun. Because we will probably be inside, we will be sharing more of the building with the residents and will have a better opportunity to spend a little time with them. They will love seeing the kids running and looking for the eggs. The residents have helped once again this year by decorating and filling the bags for the candy, so it would be nice to take a second and thank them when we are there."

The Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce and Spring Valley Senior Living will hold the Easter egg hunt Saturday, March 23, at 10 a.m. with registration starting at 9:30 a.m. Participants are asked to use the Evergreens Apartments entrance, on the east end of the complex