The Fillmore County Highway Department and the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office are asking the public to help reduce the hazards created by snow being plowed across or onto public roads and rights-of-way.

Fillmore County Sheriff Daryl Jensen said that snow deposited on the roadways can be hazardous to unsuspecting drivers, including snowplows. Snow piled in the right-of-way can cause unnecessary drifting, sight obstructions and drainage problems.

Jensen said that Minnesota Statute 160.2715 clearly makes it unlawful to deposit snow or ice on any public roads. This includes plowing, blowing or shoveling. Any violation of that section is a misdemeanor. Anyone who violates the statute will be asked to correct the problem or face possible charges.

Fillmore County Highway Maintenance Superintendent Brent Kohn said that their office will be working closely with the sheriff's office to address the problem.

"We are asking people to not move the snow from their driveway and dump it in the ditch across the road," said Kohn. "It makes it very dangerous for our snowplow drivers and the public."

Kohn added, "This year we want to get the word out before it gets to be a problem."