The Spring Valley Public Library Board of Trustees convened last Thursday evening with a short agenda.

There was no new or old business to discuss, so director Dianne Sikkink presented her report immediately after the minutes, bills and treasurer's report were approved. She stated, "On Sept. 25, Marcia Stephen retired, and we had an open house for her. It went very well. She'll be coming in to help out and substitute now and then - there's still a lot of knowledge for her to share. We want to thank everyone for making her retirement party a great day. Klarissa Schoppers started cataloging on Sept. 23, and she took her SELCO circulation training class on Oct. 15. She's really catching on fast, and we're very happy for that. She's very good with the public. She'll be taking her cataloging fundamentals class on Nov. 6, and I'll be going with her because I need to refresh my memory."

Sikkink also related that longtime library volunteer Kirby Johnson, who is skilled in original cataloging, or entering a book into the library's catalog system as it is collected, will now be recognized as a substitute catalog clerk if Sikkink or Schoppers are not able to work. "He'll work very limited hours, but I feel he's very good at what he does, so it's worth it to bring him on."

Donations received by the library as memorials include one from Mary Ann and Steve Schultz in honor of LaVern Schmidt, one in honor of Robert Grendahl from Larry and Mary Grems, and four in memory of Mary Linn Posey, from Rita and Joe Bezdicek, Bruce and Rita Hartert, Stu and Carol Gross, and Larry and Mary Grems.

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be going with her because I need to refresh my memory."