The Fillmore County Board of Commissioners met during the afternoon last Tuesday, June 24, due to other meetings held earlier in the day.

First, Fillmore County highway engineer Ronald Gregg brought forward proposals for the board to award bids for the township bridge replacement projects on Kodiak Road and Jet Road, and also on Kind Road in Carimona Township.

Midwest Construction of Marshall, Minn., was awarded both bids - the first for $294,458.30, and the second for $194,312.20, which Gregg said was "roughly 7 to 8 percent over the estimates."

He also noted the cost of pipe has affected the cost of projects within the county.

Gregg also updated the board on the various road improvement projects at the request of Commissioner Randy Dahl, informing the members that the Grosbeak Road bridge is the only project that is nearing completion.

"Once we get to mid-July and August, it's full steam ahead," Gregg said. "Harmony has laid out a water main bypass, but the Spring Valley project's contractor has asked for a two-week extension to July 7 because of all the rain we've had that's backed things up. County 17 in Preston is not scheduled to start until mid-July."

Social Services

Dahl spoke about prospective efforts to reduce costs in relation to Social Services rendered, since individuals served by Fillmore County's Social Services - those who were sentenced by other counties - might be costing the county "hundreds of dollars every day."

Board Chairman Duane Bakke recounted that the attempt to simplify applications for Social Services by providing only one application for persons wishing, for example, to receive medical assistance services, have not gone as well as anticipated.

Commissioner Marc Prestby announced that Zumbro Valley Mental Health is seeking two replacements for its board members before September.

The commissioners concurred that contacting Social Services and Corrections might be a starting place.

County goals

County coordinator Bobbie Vickerman asked the board to consider a resolution to adopt the 2014 goals for county programs and a resolution to continue participation in the Minnesota Office of State Auditor Performance Measurement Program.

She reviewed the 2013 goals the county did accomplish or surpass, including the county recorders meeting a 10-day turnaround time for documents, and increasing veterans' federal benefits by 8 percent.

Vickerman stated, "The performance standards monitor how we follow through with what the citizens expect from us."

Next, the commissioners voted to continue with participation in the program.

Human Resources

Human Resources officer Kristina Kohn presented numerous items for consideration, including an amendment to the county's definitions and equal employment opportunity policies as recommended by the department heads' committee.

She also presented an amendment to the "effective date of policies page" as recommended by department heads as well as another amendment to the scope adoption and administration policy.

A replacement highway maintenance specialist Brian Soland was hired effective July 18 as well as intermittent dispatcher Jesse Perez as of June 27.

Kohn noted the well-earned retirement to social worker Louise Kleiboer after 38 years of service to the county, effective July 31.

Language changes to certain policies within the county's policy book - particularly the scope adoption and administration policy - prompted the board and Kohn to agree that investing more work into presenting the exact desired language might be necessary.

Other business

In administrative items, the board renewed the county's waste hauler agreement with Winneshiek County as recommended by solid waste administrator Jon Martin, and also approved a five-year computer system server support agreement with Xerox.

Bakke reminded the commissioners that the Fillmore County History Center will be celebrating the Fillmore County Historical Society's 80th anniversary on Aug. 23.

The commissioners approved the renewal of the on-sale and Sunday liquor licenses for Brennaville, Inc., doing business as the Old Barn Resort and Golf Course, for the period of June 30, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

The payment of the third quarter invoice of $89,823 to Olmsted County Community Services for the DFO Community Corrections 2014 appropriation was approved.

The commissioners approved an overnight stay for two appraisers to attend a weeklong training and licensure course at the cost of $380 per appraiser.

The successful completion of eligibility workers Debra Leutink and Scott Johnson's hiring probation was noted and each received a merit increase. The board also acknowledged account technician Julie Schreiber's successful completion of probation.