Spring Valley's city council met last Monday evening, March 11, with a busy, but brief, agenda that included providing assistance for AMD Distribution, which is expanding, and allowing incentives for emergency medical technicians (EMT).

AMD Distribution's development agreement with the city entailed an adjustment to the tax increment financing (TIF) district for expansion of the Spring Valley firm that distributes insulation, specializing in commercial, industrial and agricultural products. The firm, which had already expanded in the TIF district created previously, is now building a new warehouse.

Spring Valley City Administrator Deb Zimmer explained, "What we'd be doing there is the lot they'll be building on is in a TIF district, and we'd be adding on $30,000. It's pay as they go." Councilor Jeff Vehrenkamp made a motion, and councilor Tony Archer seconded.

AMD is purchasing a lot in the industrial park on the city's north side for the warehouse. AMD proposed to the council that it purchase the additional lot on a contract for deed. "They're choosing to do to a contract for deed, not a special assessment," Zimmer related. A motion passed accepting the contract for deed.

In other matters before the council, Zimmer shared an incentive program for Spring Valley's EMTs, as renewing their certification is more expensive and the tests taken harder. "It involves more hours and is harder, and my thought is that an incentive should be tied to hours volunteered, as we have some who volunteered for 30 hours, and someone who put in up to 2,000 hours, and it's not fair to pay them the same incentive."

The proposed annual bonus for EMTs volunteering for over 1,500 call hours was increased to $750, for those who gave 1,200 to 1,499 hours, to $500, 900 to 1,199 call hours, $250, and 750 to 899 call hours, $125. Over the past three years, the total cost would have stood at $13,375 or an average of $4,458.33 annually. Mayor Jim Struzyk acknowledged that Spring Valley's EMT force is short a few members at this point and that "it should probably help" to offer them an incentive.

Zimmer added that Spring Valley Ambulance Director Jim Cooper has a monthly report that will assist the city in gauging how many hours EMTs are committing to the service, thereby determining how the incentives can be included in the budget. Councilor Bill Bires made a recommendation that the city give the bonus a trial year, contingent on how well it fits into the budget and how well it is received by EMTs as a reason to continue with the service.

In other action, the development agreement for the Bucknell Subdivision, behind Tootie's Saloon on County Road 8, was changed to "Kolling Brothers," as the ownership of the subdivision changes hands.

A proposal to replace three windows at city hall would finish the window replacement project there. The city currently has $5,000 in its budget for repairs to city hall, the former Spring Valley Public Library building - a Carnegie Library - and maintaining the building shows good stewardship of such a treasure, it was noted. Councilors agreed to allow the project to happen.

There were no commission or council reports, but Mayor Struzyk thanked residents for their patience and the city crew for its hard work as another snowstorm dropped nearly a foot of snow on the streets. "The street crew did a real good job with snow removal. The downtown was cleared before I went to work today."