The Spring Valley City Council met for a brief special meeting on Friday, Dec. 27, to finalize necessary items before the end of 2013.

Bryan Holtz and Brian Malm attended the meeting as representatives of Bolton and Menk, the engineering firm the city will be working with for the industrial park expansion.

The project will connect Peterson Street with Kasten Drive, allowing for another access point for the businesses.

The engineer's estimate for this project is $649,376.31, though Public Utilities would be paying $137,499.78 of that amount, leaving the City of Spring Valley with the balance of $511,876.53. The council approved $265,000 of the balance to come from the Rochester sales tax funding and the remaining amount of $247,000 to come from the general fund.

Malm has been meeting with city administrator Deb Zimmer and maintenance supervisor Chad Hindt to review and lay out the project.

"We're excited to work with you, as well," he expressed to the council.

In other action, the council approved the transfer of $6,000 from the gambling fund to the park fund as it is now showing a deficit of $5,500.

The council had been planning on using the money from gambling proceeds for new playground equipment for Grant Street Park, so Zimmer advised the council the park project may need to be reviewed again in 2014.

"That is one of the allotted uses," Zimmer said of the use of the gambling fund for the park programs.

Finally, the council approved new parking restrictions for Main Street East (County Highway 1). Due to the width of the road and to remain compliance with state aid rules the city will now be prohibiting parking on this stretch.

The first council meeting of 2014 will be Jan. 13 at 6 p.m.