The Spring Valley City Council approved bids on the County State Aid Road 1 project and accepted the resignation of Ambulance Director Jim Cooper after holding a Board of Review Monday, April 14.

Prior to its regular meeting last week, the council held its annual Board of Review meeting, which provides a chance for local business owners and residents to address the council and Brian Hoff, a representative of the Fillmore County assessor's office, about the assessed value of their property.

Hoff first began by briefing the council on the Fillmore County 2014 assessment.

According to Hoff, agricultural land continues to increase throughout the country with this year seeing a rise of $1,200 for tillable land.

Within the Spring Valley city limits the house rate stayed the same at $56, as did the lot value at the cost of $1.75 a square foot. The 2014 levy went down 5.69 points from 146.778 in 2013 down to 141.088.

The total assessment for 2014 is $113,879,900, which is an increase of 1.67 from last year's assessment.

As no members of the public were present, the council called the regular meeting to order first discussing the County State Aid Road 1 project bid.

The county had previously approved a bid of $656,977.31 from Griffin Construction Company for the project.

"Our city cost is estimated at $50,809," city administrator Deb Zimmer informed the council.

Since the amount was below what the city had expected, the council moved to approved the cost for the project.

It is important to note this CSAH 1 project is separate from the CSAH 1 project from Spring Valley north to Olmsted County scheduled to begin in 2016. The project this year will only affect the less than one-mile section of the road that connects Highways 16 and 63.

Zimmer then moved on to announce the retirement of Ambulance Director Jim Cooper, effective Aug. 15. The council accepted the resignation.

The council then approved the EMS Week Proclamation. The week of May 18 through May 24 honors members of emergency medical services teams, both career and volunteer, who use their lifesaving skills to provide care to those in need.

The council approved a revolving loan for Bruce Fish at the recommendation of the Spring Valley Economic Development Authority.

A bid was then accepted from Rochester Sand and Gravel for $22,120 to blacktop the bike trail.

The next council meeting will be held on April 28 at 6 p.m.