Dan and Jolene Glaesemann's home at 216. South Main is nearly a century old. <br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 --> <br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->
Dan and Jolene Glaesemann's home at 216. South Main is nearly a century old.

Dan and Jolene Glaesemann live in charm with calling pipes.

"My husband and I were looking for a place in 2006 before our wedding, and we liked it because it was cozy and gave off the feel of old charm," said Jolene, speaking of the 1916 three-bedroom, two-bath home she and Dan bought at 216 South Main in Wykoff. The home is a part of the Wykoff Historical Society's Christmas tour of homes this year.

She shared what the couple enjoys about the house that has leaded, beveled glass windows, an open staircase and original woodwork, noting, "The features we like the best are the few older windows we kept, because they are the ones divided by solder and lead. What makes the house stand out is that it has most of the original walls in place, so it has not had much for remodeling. The layout is still the same. I love the built-in shelves and storage space.

"In the inside, we have redone the dining room floor, painted a few rooms, redone the porch and created more storage in the basement by having the old oil barrel removed. On the outside, we have a new roof, new siding, new windows, patio and walkway on the west and south sides."

However, there were some quirks accompanying the vintage home that took some years to get used to. "We were not used to having heat by water pipes, and that is what this house has, so it's strange to listen to the popping and cracking of the pipes," explained Jolene.

Jolene and Dan's living room is one painted to welcome royalty - it's purple - and it is Jolene's favorite room. "The color was picked by me, and my husband allowed me to do it. Most people wouldn't get to have a purple living room."

She added that she also likes working in her kitchen since it has long countertops and plenty of room to move. "I love my kitchen. It has all the storage and counter space we need when we bake."

Jolene most appreciates the entertaining and storage space their home affords. "What we love most is when we host Christmas, we are able to see everyone open their presents and have the space to spread out to various areas to mingle, if we want to. Also, I have a porch on the second floor dedicated to the Christmas and winter season, and that is all that's up there, and it's full."

Jolene related that while the house has plenty of room, it has generally been home to only one or two people at a time. "I was surprised to know that not many children, if any, have lived in the house, even though it is so big. We have a male cat that is our child. You will find him most often in the nooks and crannies in the basement if he is scared, or under or on a bed when he wants to sleep or be alone." In spite of the home's relatively child free history, the Glaesemanns like watching the neighborhood children out playing in the yards. "We love the quiet neighborhood and that all the children are playing. There are not too many places anymore where you see kids being kids and having fun.

Visitors to the Glaesemann home might enjoy the snowman collection they have on display, as well as the wedding case at the bottom of the stairs that houses memorabilia from Dan and Jolene's wedding and from those of which Jolene has been a part, including her three sisters' weddings. All the snowmen and a small glass collection have been collected from places they have been and seen.

"We just love to celebrate the whole season through," she said.

The Wykoff Historical Society's Christmas home tour is set for this Saturday, Dec. 7, from 1 to 5 p.m. Tickets are $7 per person and are available in advance at the Bank Gift Haus or at Ed's Museum the day of the tours.