It's Eastertime - carton your dozen at Greenleafton Reformed Church.

"There's no need to bring a basket - the children will be given egg cartons to collect eggs in, which can be transferred to baskets or decorated bags given to children," said Greenleafton Reformed Church Pastor Roger Lokker, speaking of its fifth annual Easter egg hunt, scheduled for April 7 at 11 a.m. in Greenleafton's one and only park, located behind the church.

"The hunt is for children 0 to sixth grade, and we have 1,600 eggs with prizes and candy in them. All are welcome to join in the fun. There will be plenty of eggs for every child. Every child will go home with the same amount of eggs, thus, there is no need for children to push and shove. We want this to be a fun and safe time for all."

He explained that the hunt is a collaboration of two church committees who wish to share the gospel with children. "This is a time to explain the reason for the season. The Education and Mission and Outreach committees are joining in the effort. It is great to see two committees joining in the church's mission statement of 'loving and welcoming God's children.'

"It has been fun seeing the children collect their eggs. It, too, is fun for our congregation as they collect candy and spend a night of fellowship filling the 1,600 eggs."

GRC will host the Easter egg hunt rain or shine, and lunch will be served after the egg hunt, according to Lokker.

"Children and parents are encouraged to meet in the basement by 11 a.m. for registration prior to our time of fun."

Greenleafton Reformed Church is located 12 miles southwest of Preston on Fillmore County Road 9. For more information, call 507-765-2546 or 507-937-3137.