Snow fell and covered the roads in a white blanket on Sunday, Dec. 8. Despite the weather, travelers from around the county and even some out-of-state trekked to Fillmore Free Methodist Church for the Christmas musical "All I Want For Christmas."

In two separate performances, over 200 people braved the weather to see around 40 children tell the Christmas story.

The story began in a toy store with two children coming to shop for Christmas. Their mother accompanied them to buy presents to fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, an organizational part of Samaritan's Purse.

Rather than shopping for kids who had never received a present in their lives, the children spotted all sorts of presents they wanted for Christmas. Instead of being generous, they wanted to be greedy.

After listing several of the items they wanted for Christmas, the children fell asleep. In their dreams, many toys on the shelf came to life and demanded to be on the children's Christmas list.

Suddenly Mary, from the manger scene, began telling the true purpose of Christmas and noted it is really giving to others. While telling the story, a young boy entered and bought an expensive doll for his sister in the hospital. Instead of saving a bunch of money for himself, he worked after school in order to buy a present for her.

The boy's example made the children understand the story Mary had told them.

Waking up, the children scoured the store for presents for Operation Christmas Child. Then their mother, surprised by the change in the children, agreed to schedule them to ring bells for the Salvation Army as well. The children learned a very important lesson.

Throughout the performance, the audience laughed and enjoyed seeing so many young people performing, telling jokes and singing songs.