Former Spring Valley resident Mark Reps has written another book, "Holes in the Sky," which is now available through

It is the second book, following "Native Blood," in the "Small Town Sheriff: Big Time Trouble" series by Reps. A mystery/thriller involving the Apache Native American tribe, the federal government, the Catholic church and others, it is a fictional work based on a real situation.

Who owns what is traditionally considered sacred? Can the Catholic church legally conspire with the federal government to steal the most sacrosanct of Native American holy places?

In the middle of the night, a priest sits in a rocking chair on a dip in the highway at the foot of Mount Graham. His fate is death when the driver of a semi-truck barreling down the road on an overnight haul sends him to his maker.

The price of the book is 99 cents for a download through or $8.99 for soft cover.

Reps said that 9,000 people downloaded "Native Blood" and he is shooting for twice as many with "Holes in the Sky."