Mike Holzer presided over the final Wykoff City Council meeting of his eight-year mayoral career Dec. 10, with several items on the agenda, including the final budget and tax levy resolution, paying off the city's portion of the amount owed on the pumper fire truck and reviewing class B wastewater treatment plant operator applications.

The 2013 property tax levy has "basically no increase" from the 2012 levy, according to the council, approving the 2013 budget. The 2012 total budget was $154,248, an increase of 3.5 percent over the 2011 budget. Councilors also designated funds for street repairs and sewer projects - $20,000 each - and paid off the pumper truck using pull-tab revenues. The balance of what Wykoff owed on the truck stood at nearly $8,000, but the estimated $5,000 in pull-tab funds was helpful in making that payment.

Furthermore, councilors voted to refinance the 2004 and 2007 general obligation bonds outstanding from street projects done in those years. Holzer noted, "We're paying 3.65 percent on one and 4.35 on another. We can have a savings of $15,000 if we combine them at 2.2 percent interest."

The council reviewed its water and sewer ordinance one more time before returning it to the city attorney and republishing it. Changes were made to the fee schedule and also to the language regarding how often the ordinance and fee schedules are reexamined, as well as how charges are computed for multi-family dwellings with a single meter.

Smith, Schafer & Associates will continue to be the city's auditor and city employees were granted Christmas vacation.

Finally, Holzer pointed out, "Alliant Energy no longer is repairing street lights.

"They own everything on a wood pole and we own everything on a steel pole, but they won't service the lights anymore. We will have to bring in an electrician to fix anything that doesn't work," he said.

"Also, they will still install a light in front of Charles Tjepkes' house, but that's where they're done with us."

Holzer thanked the city council for working with him over the years and wished them and Wykoff's new mayor, Lyman Hare, well.