Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce's Karma Cash project had an active final week with two businesses participating, Fowler's BP and The Pizza Place.

Since 1958, Fowler's BP has provided Spring Valley with everything from gas, diesel and kerosene to a car wash and laundromat. The business even offers a Kodak photo center within the station.

Owners Sue, Tom and Adah Fowler employ one full-time and 11 part-time employees from throughout the area.

Because of their deep ties to the community they strive to not only give back, but to shop at local businesses as much as possible.

"We absolutely stay local, especially with other services, that is what keeps our community going," Sue Fowler said of the necessity of shopping local. "We support community events, the church or if we just see someone in need we will work to give them what they need."

The Pizza Place is a restaurant where families and friends can come to enjoy great food in a family oriented atmosphere, according to manager Jolene Rollie.

Owners, Tim Howard and Steve Sharp, opened the business on March 25 and it has already become a staple in Spring Valley, which keeps their 17 employees busy.

Even if you are craving something other than pizza you'll still find plenty to enjoy, such as their homemade lasagna, soup, chicken potpies, wraps and fryer food. They can even provide large quantities of pizza for events or deliver if you want to take the day off in the kitchen.

Step through the doors of The Pizza Place and it becomes clear that they are proud of Spring Valley and its history with vintage pictures of Spring Valley and other décor based on the city's past.

Like Fowler's, the restaurant finds supporting the community immensely important. They sponsor local events, as well as school events by giving coupons for students to receive for reading programs, the anti-bullying program and player of the week for football and volleyball.

"If it was not for our community supporting us, there would be no Pizza Place. We like to help support business owners in town and we want to support their businesses as much as we hope others support ours," Rollie concluded.