The community meeting on the future of facilities within the Kingsland school district is set for Tuesday, March 25, at 7 p.m. in the Kingsland Café.

The Kingsland School Board decided on the community forum after discussion at the regular monthly meeting in February. At the forum Tuesday, school board members will be sharing information about the facilities and the study process over the past year.

The meeting will be set as follows:

1. Board members will share information about the district's facilities.

2. Board members will address questions submitted on cards from the community.

3. Open microphone (two to three minutes per individual) for community comments addressed to the board.

The board has been discussing long-term plans for use of physical space within the district for nearly a year. The possibility of closing the school in Wykoff and a referendum has raised many concerns within the community.

A petition to recall a motion to close the Wykoff building was presented to the board at the February meeting. The board had previously decided to move toward a one-site school eventually, which would have meant closing the school in Wykoff and expanding in Spring Valley. However, any changes would have required a positive vote by district residents in a referendum.

The board decided to hold the forum to explain some of the problems the district is facing with its buildings and to get community input on a solution.

The community forum was originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 11. However, township elections are also scheduled that night and the meeting couldn't have started until 8:01 p.m., which district officials felt may not provide enough time for discussion.