Mackenzie Marzolf
Mackenzie Marzolf
Mackenzie Marzolf is having a brush with management...outside her comfort zone.

A University of Minnesota-Twin Cities student majoring in marketing and business management, the Kingsland graduate is now preparing to spend her summer close to home as an intern for College Works Painting, a program of the National Services Group which provides college students with opportunities to explore their career choices through summer internships, such as business management.

"This internship will do many things for me. Most importantly, it is going to give me the experience that not many students my age get. I will be able to say I had run my own company at the age of 20," said Marzolf. "Hopefully, I will be able to add that it was a successful one. This internship will push me out of my comfort zone and present new opportunities for the future. I will learn marketing and sales techniques, how to manage my own team of employees, and how to effectively budget resources."

During the spring, she will be working weekends, doing estimates for homeowners interested in having painting done. When school lets out for summer, the internship becomes a full-time job and she will be managing costs, hiring painters, painting homes, organizing payroll and managing customer relations.

She is looking for clients that are in need of any exterior painting, carpentry work, staining and related projects. She is offering free estimates, where she takes a look at the potential job site to see exactly what the client is looking to get done within the year. She said she wants to offer each client the most economical price possible, while ensuring it can be of the highest quality. She will be working in Spring Valley, and all surrounding towns within a 20-mile radius.

Marzolf got involved in the College Works program through her college - the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where she is pursuing a degree in marketing and business management. College Works Painting hires college students to learn business skills through a hands-on internship running a branch of their business for the summer. It also gives students a chance to make money to pay tuition costs.

"I was selected for this program because of my past achievements and eagerness to develop on my leadership and management techniques," said Marzolf.

In order to be a part of College Works, Marzolf, daughter of Corey and DeDee Marzolf, had to complete an application and interview for the position.

"The internship interviewing process was pretty intensive," she explained. "The company visits college campuses around the state to find students interested in the program. I was lucky enough to move on through four extensive interviews and was offered the job after the final interview with the vice president of the Minnesota branch. They were looking for a specific type of student who loved the role of a leader, and was willing to put in that extra effort. Our training began Feb. 1.

"Throughout my interviews, I was consistently reminded that this experience was not for everyone," she added. "They wanted to make sure they hired someone who held the specific characteristics they were looking for. This only motivated me more to prove I would be a great fit. I have always been eager to jump at any good opportunity. I like to believe I am a self-determined, competitive individual, and I enjoy new experiences."

Marzolf grew up in Spring Valley and attended Kingsland High School, where she was in basketball, volleyball, band, choir, Student Council, Key Club, National Honor Society and prom committee and served as a class officer. She is a member of First English Lutheran Church in Spring Valley, where she enjoys singing in the choir.

"I have been fortunate enough to have many great jobs while attending school. I worked at the Mayo Clinic-Charter House as a nurse assistant, Photography by Kari as an assistant, and Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery as a waitress."

She noted that traveling would be her ultimate favorite pastime. When not busy with school or work, she loves being around friends and family.

Her career aspirations have changed slightly since she graduated from high school, though she hasn't settled on an occupation yet.

"I am currently keeping an open mind as far as what I want to do in the future. I have always wanted to see myself doing something great someday," she said. "I am hoping to always push myself in order to get there someday. My current dream job is to be a marketing executive for a company I am passionate about.

"This internship presented itself at a very convenient time. I have always been debating on whether I wanted to pursue the medical field or business. I decided at the beginning of my sophomore year that I wanted to focus on business and see if it was the right fit for me. I think this internship will be a great way to see if I am well suited for this type of a career path. So far, it has been a lot of work, but I enjoy all that I am learning and am excited for what is to come."

She said she is taking the internship very seriously, as she thinks it is a great opportunity for her future. She added that she genuinely wants customer service to be a main focus for her throughout this experience, and she wants each client to be left feeling 100 percent satisfied with the completed job.

Depending on her success her first year as an intern, she could potentially be asked to return at a higher position the following year.

"If this internship were to change my career aspirations at all, I would think it would be because it would make me want to achieve even more," said Marzolf. "So far, I have received so much motivation from my manager and past interns - they really make one feel like they can accomplish anything."

Persons interested in having Marzolf give estimates of work may contact her at (507) 696-0458 or e-mail her at