The Spring Valley Library Board of Trustees met last Thursday evening with a short agenda. Director Dianne Sikkink updated the board on the state library report, the success of the "Hot Reads for Cold Nights" adult reading program, and the "Snow Many Ruffles" scarf fundraiser held March 8.

She first stated that the state library report has been sent in and it went well. "The comparison between 2011 and 2012 is pretty close, except that we're down quite a bit in the public Internet computer usages. Library users are taking advantage of our wireless Internet a lot - it's often that you see semi drivers stopped outside the library, and when the deputy goes by, he sees people sitting on the bench outside with their laptops."

Board member Carol Gross commented, "I think it's still positive that they look for a library to use the wireless Internet services."

Board chair Shirley Gangstad perused the comparison and said, "It's great that the library is up 100 non-library-sponsored meetings and events."

Regarding the "Hot Reads" program, Sikkink related, "We had 102 library patrons participating in the adult winter reading program. We'd like to thank those who participated in the program, and we had many who tried out their luck with the 'Hole in One Hall of Fame' golf game, some who had lots of luck. Also, the 'Snow Many Ruffles' scarf fundraiser project was great fun - we had a demonstration that went well, and we had 23 registered for the project and raised about $300. We still have some yarn, crochet hooks and ready-made scarves available for people to buy."

Donations and memorials given to the library in February include 11 in memory of June Stender - from Nicole Meyerhofer, Essig Agency, William and Judy Kolling, Joe and Rita Bezdicek, Arlys Michener, James and Sue Cavanaugh, Stu and Carol Gross, Charlene Czapiewski, Jeanette Baker and SurModics. The family of Helen Abbott, Charlotte O'Connor's mother, gave a memorial in her honor. Sikkink noted that a book donation from Taylor Nelson, Cynthia Rabil and Richard Heinig of Arlington, Va., was in memory of Taylor's grandfather, Spring Valley area resident N. Kenneth Nelson, and that Taylor wished to honor his grandfather's memory with a book about tractors.

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