Todd Netzke
Todd Netzke
"I've quickly gained an appreciation for Mr. McDonald's passion for education and putting Kingsland on the map as a school of opportunity for young learners," said Todd Netzke, of School Management Services (SMS), contracted to replace Kingsland business manager Kathy Beevers as she departs from the district to re-marry.

Netzke is pleased to join the district and undertake the work that is Kingsland Superintendent John McDonald's passion.

The Kingsland School Board hired School Management Services, based in Rochester, to handle its financial business, and Netzke is the representative that will provide those services.

According to a brochure from SMS, "School Management Services provides an innovative, comprehensive approach to providing cost-efficient, state-of-the-art business management and planning services to Minnesota school districts and charter schools."

Its local service philosophy is that it is important "for you to have financial services provided by someone with a visible presence within your school district ... that business management services must be provided personally, with a 'face' that represents the school district to all stakeholders: instructional and instructional support staff, district office personnel, administration, school board members and the community."

Netzke graduated from Southwest State University in 1992, and he's currently working with Beevers to make the transition from her tenure to SMS's arrival go smoothly, learning how the district handles its ledgers, its banking and audits. He hopes to make a difference in students' lives by providing "long-range financial planning to support the best instructional methodologies for kids."

He feels that students should learn "the core curriculum with social, technological and competitive spirit necessary to become productive citizens."

Since the requirements for public education have grown and budgets gotten smaller, Netzke foresees exciting challenges in his job because "nothing stays the same, therefore, continuing to envision the future of learning and the skills needed to thrive will cause opportunity to think out of the box."

He lives in Rochester, is married and has seven children. "I have four at home, ranging in age from 3 to 9, and three older - two in college at Mankato State and one in Marshall, Minn., as a sophomore in high school."

Netzke enjoys spending his spare time "with the kids and all their activities, spending the summer by the lake."

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