Jacob Vetter
Jacob Vetter
A job as a youth counselor steered Jacob Vetter into teaching.

The new Kingsland Elementary and Middle School physical education teacher was a business major when he started college, but changed direction to teaching when he experienced work as a youth counselor for the Winona Family YMCA.

"It's a blast to see the excitement of the students faces when they have learned a new skill or have mastered one they have been working on," said Vetter. "That's what got me into teaching. As far as why I chose PE, I chose it because athletics and fitness have been a big part of my life, and the benefits of living an active life are immense. Hopefully, through our activities in PE class, the students will be able to find activities that they enjoy and will be able to participate in the rest of their lives."

Vetter graduated from high school in 2004, and from college in the winter of 2009. He attended Northwestern College - now Northwestern University - in St. Paul for one year and Winona State University for four years. He taught at Ridgeway Community School for two years before coming to Kingsland.

"This will be my third year teaching PE," he stated. "Kingsland had an open elementary school PE position and is closer to where my wife and I live. I'm excited about being in an environment that gives teachers an opportunity to try and implement new and engaging material for the students they are teaching, and I'm excited about the opportunity to bring new ideas to the physical education program."

Vetter is up to the challenges his job presents. "With being at the elementary and middle school, the biggest challenge I foresee is remembering all the students' names. I look forward to the challenge of having them memorized in two weeks, and to the excitement and enthusiasm the students will be bringing to class. As a physical educator, I feel it is important for the students to develop their skills in a variety of activities, while also developing character traits such as responsibility, respect, integrity, and communication with their classmates. The difference I hope to make is opening the students' eyes to new activities that they will be able to participate in the rest of their lives."

He also hopes to help the boys basketball team find victory. This winter, he will be coaching the ninth grade boys basketball team. The past two years, coached the JV team at Century High School in Rochester.

"I am looking forward to being able to teach and coach in the same district and help develop the high school players in their basketball skills," he said.

Vetter lives in Rochester with his wife, Sarah, who works as a social worker in Rochester. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, playing softball, fishing, reading and napping.