Spring Valley Inn & Suites on North Broadway is now owned and operated by Munish and Raj Kaushal. The couple is shown with their sons, Arav, 3, at left, and Aryan, 4.
Spring Valley Inn & Suites on North Broadway is now owned and operated by Munish and Raj Kaushal. The couple is shown with their sons, Arav, 3, at left, and Aryan, 4.
A young family has taken up residence at Spring Valley Inn and Suites and they are in the process of making their business a home as well.

Munish Kaushal and his wife, Raj, recently bought the Spring Valley hotel, located at 745 N. Broadway, and moved the first week in January to the community with their two young sons, Aryan, 4, and Arav, 3.

They have had to make a few changes in the hotel as far as their living quarters goes to accommodate the family of four. Other than that, Munish said no other changes have been made because everything was already well established. They might make some changes "down the road" but are wanting to see how the summer season goes.

The couple moved from Ortonville, Minn., a town located on the Minnesota/South Dakota border. They retain ownership of the Econo Lodge in Ortonville, which they have owned since 2009. They decided to purchase the Spring Valley hotel to expand their business. Munish said they chose Spring Valley because it was a small community.

"It seemed like Ortonville. We liked it because it is close to Rochester and we are so close to nice hospitals. There are good schools here. That is the biggest reason why we moved," he said.

The couple's son, Aryan, attends pre-school at Kingsland. Raj added, "He likes preschool and loves the teachers and friends he has made."

The couple said they feel really welcomed to the community in the past month they have been residents.

Raj noted, "Everyone is very nice, very friendly. We are welcomed everywhere we go."

Munish said, "Everyone is hard working here. I've noticed that and that's a positive thing."

Raj added, "We want to thank the community for welcoming us!"

Munish is originally from Punjab, India, near the country's capitol, New Delhi. He went to college in India, obtaining a master's degree in business and has worked for 15 years in the hotel business, with eight of those years spent in the United States. He has been in the States since 2005.

The couple, who have been married for seven years, met in India. Raj, originally from India as well, came to the United States when she was a young girl and spent all of her school years in California.

The couple has been enjoying settling into their new business and home in Spring Valley. What they like the most about being hotel owners is "being able to spend all of their time as a family." They are able to work and take care of the children throughout the day.

Raj added, "We can be together and don't have to rely on someone else to watch the kids."

The couple recently joined the Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce and are getting more involved in the community. They would like to invite area residents to stop by and meet them.

They look forward to serving their customers needs and meeting new customers. The hotel offers wi-fi, complimentary breakfast, whirlpool suites, and has a meeting room and breakfast room that can be rented by the public for events.

As for the prices of the rooms, Munish noted that they have been lowered some. "We try to be competitive. The economy is hard and the prices are reasonable," he added.

For more information on Spring Valley Inn & Suites, call (507) 346-7788, go to SpringValleyInnSuites.com, or email svinnsuites@gmail.com.