Greg Schaitel
Greg Schaitel
Greg Schaitel wants to see the light bulb when students get out of their seats.

"I look forward to doing learning activities that get students out of their seats," said Kingsland's new kindergarten through third grade special education instructor, who added that his favorite part of teaching is "seeing the light bulb go on when a student discovers something."

This will be his fourth year teaching, starting in Houston for one year and then in Rochester for two years. Schaitel graduated from high school in 1994, from college in La Crosse in 1998, and then Winona State in 2010 with his teaching licensure.

"I had always wanted to become a teacher," he said. "I had the opportunity of being a long-term substitute in Wisconsin prior to getting my license. Working with students with disabilities and students that were at-risk was something that I really enjoyed."

In addition to teaching special education, he has taught primarily math and language arts. "I really enjoy relating math to things that students can touch and see. Use of these manipulatives helps students better understand abstract concepts in math."

He chose to join Kingsland's staff so he could be part of the district's positive student support system. "I enjoy rural communities, and the positive support and environment that Kingsland has to offer." He most anticipates "working collaboratively with the staff to provide a positive learning environment for our students." He feels that the most important thing children should learn while in school is "that they can make connections to what they learn every day in school to things they do outside of school and what they do in the future."

Schaitel hopes to make a difference in his students' lives by helping them "overcome struggles they may have and help them realize all of the things that we are good at and things that we need to work on to get better. The laws of special education are constantly changing. Adapting to and learning how to implement those changes is always something that will be challenging. I look forward to working with the staff and parents that make up Kingsland schools. We are all stakeholders in a child's learning."

Schaitel lives in Chatfield with his family. He is married with three children with the ages of 18 months, 3 years, and 7 years. He likes to spend time with family, work on the house, fish, hunt, canoe, read, watch football, garden, and mountain bike.