Linda Rentschler
Linda Rentschler
Linda Rentschler's got warmth that she can bank on.

"I thought, 'I don't have to go to work today. I can stay in where it's warm, which is nice when the weather's bad," said Rentschler, speaking of her first day of retirement, which was Feb. 1, a very chilly day on which most of her coworkers at First National Bank arose and likely thought, "It's too cold...want to go back to bed," in spite of how much they enjoy working together.

Rentschler joined First National Bank in downtown Spring Valley in October 1992, and has spent the past 21 years as a teller and bookkeeper.

Before that, she was a cashier and stocker at Don's Family Market, in its old location on the north edge of Spring Valley, in what is now the Dollar General store.

"I enjoyed the people I worked with at the bank - I worked with so many different ones. I enjoyed all the different customers and the work I did, too."

She chose to retire this past December because she felt it was the right moment to do so. "I decided to retire ... I talked to the bank in mid-December. Yesterday was my last day. I had other things I wanted to do."

First National Bank employees held a farewell and retirement party for Rentschler Jan. 31, and she relished the opportunity to visit with customers and coworkers before going home from work for the last time.

"It was real exciting. I had a lot of nice people come in to wish me good luck. It was very nice."

Her alarm clock didn't jar her from a good night's sleep, and realizing that she didn't have to go to work led to guilt-free relaxation.

"I'm going to do a lot of scrapbooking - I have a lot of that to catch up on - and I have more time for family and friends, to go to lunches and get-togethers with them.

"I'd also like to do more traveling. Once my husband retires, we'll go farther away, but for now, it's day trips. I'd also like to go golfing some more this summer."

She's certain she's going to get used to retirement - staying home in the winter, golfing in the summer while everyone else is at work - but she's also certain she's going to miss her colleagues and customers.

"I'd like to say a big 'thanks' to the people I worked with over the years. I'm going to miss them. It's also been a pleasure to serve all the customers who came into the bank. I'm going to miss them, too."