The Spring Valley City Council discussed including first responders in the incentive program that the city approved earlier this year for emergency medical technicians (EMT).

The current program was developed due to the increased cost and intensity of the testing for EMTs. The incentive is tied to the amount of volunteer hours they work. The annual bonus was increased to $750 to those EMTs volunteering for over 1,500 call hours, $500 for those who gave 1,200 to 1,499 hours, $250 for 900 to 1,199 call hours, and $125 for 750 to 899 call hours.

The first responders' incentives would be 50 percent of this rate, which city administrator Deb Zimmer estimated will be around $4,500 annually.

Council member Todd Jones says he prefers the incentive program to just giving pay raises.

The council approved the addition of the first responders to the program and extended the programs through 2014.

In other business:

• The council moved to approve the loan for Phil and Cyndi Sheldon, which the Spring Valley Economic Development Authority had previously approved.

• The Spring Valley Community Center has a new water heater, according to Parks and Rec director John Fenske. He thanked Chad Hindt for installing the system. Fenske and council member Bill Bires asked the council to consider putting new linoleum in the center in the future.

• The council was reminded that the Truth and Taxation meeting will be held on Monday, December 9, at 6:01 p.m.

• Zimmer also gave an update on the 301 North Huron Avenue property, as she is working with the owner's daughter. The family is planning on selling the property with the demolition of the current house as part of the terms.

• City Hall will be closed on Dec. 24 to allow city employees to participate in their annual safety training.

• Mayor Jim Struzyk acknowledged that many community members are wondering when to expect more information on the proposed rental ordinance. He conveyed that the council has only just begun to work on the ordinance, so it may take some time to go through the process.

• The next council meeting will be Nov. 25 a