Brian Malm, a representative for the engineering firm Bolton and Menk, addressed the Spring Valley City Council with an update on the Downtown Improvement Project during the May 12 meeting.

The firm has prepared the plans and specifications for the project, which will replace the two driving lanes within the one-way section of South Broadway.

The city had been planning for work to be done on this section during the next several years, but as the condition continues to diminish the project needed to be completed sooner than expected.

Malm stated he has also included an alternate bid to replace the east panel, which is mostly parking, as it is original pavement and would leave the city with three different ages of panels on the street. The west panel, which is also mostly parking, is the newest of the four panels. It will be up to the council to decide if it will accept a bid for the third panel.

The firm's base bid with the two lanes is estimated at $142,025.75. The alternate bid for the third lane is estimated at an additional $49,512.

The council approved bidding to be opened on June 4, so the project can be completed quickly.

As with most street construction there will be some obstacles for those visiting or working in the downtown area during this time.

"Traffic will remain open as it is today as a one-way, it will just move over to one side or the other. There will be no parking (on South Broadway) during the construction. It's just not feasible to keep both traffic and parking," Malm explained.

The starting date will depend on the contractor's schedule, but the hope is to begin the project in early July. The construction window is estimated to be two to three weeks.

Mayor Jim Struzyk voiced concerns in regards to construction during Ag Days.

"We'll tailor the specifications to say that it has to be completed prior to that date or it will have to start after. One way or another it will be open for Ag Days," Malm answered.

Pool improvements

The city approved a bid from BTR Construction, of Spring Valley, for a new concrete slab to be added to the city pool north of the baby pool area to the west edge of the pool building to help restrict access to the mechanical room and create a shaded area for families.

The cost will be $3,190 and possibly part of the estimated $560 for the digging out and fill of the area. This is dependent on how much, if any, work can be done by the city, as the council would like to see the project complete before the pool opens for the season.

"The way spring rolled out, we still don't have all the streets swept yet and we're just starting to mow, so we've got a lot on our plate to be adding that in. I can't guarantee it, I guess, so we left it in there just in case," city maintenance supervisor Chad Hindt told the council.

Other business

• The council approved the gambling permit for the Spring Valley VFW.

• Racks Bar and Grill received approval for a temporary license for a dance located in the parking lot on June 14, pending a certificate of insurance.

• Due to Memorial Day the next council meeting will be on Wednesday, May 28, at 6 p.m.