During a Spring Valley City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 29, Mayor Jim Struzyk stated that with the recent flooding, community members had been asking him why the city hasn't put in a dike to protect Spring Valley.

He went on to explain that several years ago the Army Corps of Engineers came to evaluate the city. They took two busloads of area people to Austin where the water should run all the way back to Spring Valley to see where they could divert the water.

After the study came back it was decided it was too costly to do anything around the city.

The engineers advised the council the best thing they could do is to buy as much of the floodplain land surrounding the city and just let the water flow through. The city has been doing this over time as funds become available.

In addition, the city was urged to clean Spring Valley Creek, which has been done once a year ever since.

Struzyk pointed out that if a dike was put in place it could create more flooding in different properties, thereby creating just another problem.

"Water comes up and goes down pretty fast, but we still end up with it," he said.

In other business:

The council went over the EDA financial request guidelines revision. The main change is to the 1 percent closing fee, which was charged to the businesses that received a revolving loan fund. This will now be a flat fee of $220.

• City Administrator Deb Zimmer updated the council on the Semcac public transportation, which will begin July 1. The route will run Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 p.m. More information can be found on Spring Valley's website: http://www.springvalley.govoffice.com/ once the bus service begins.

• The liquor license renewals for TJ's liquor, Johnny Ringo's, Valley Lanes, Old Tyme Saloon and Racks were approved.

• Spring Valley Public Library Director Dianne Sikkink said they are gearing up for their summer reading program "Dig into Reading.' Registration for the program begins June 3 with the program beginning on June 19. Sheldon Plumbing and Heating performed the annual spring maintenance on the library's heating and cooling system. Sikkink stated that other than a few belts that needed replacing, everything looked good. She also wanted to thank the Sheldons for donating some time during the work.

• The weather has not been kind to the Spring Valley maintenance crew. According to Chad Hindt, the maintenance superintendent, they got the new bridge and trail completed in time for Wilderfest, but much of the rock was displaced during the flooding. They have been busy cleaning up the parks after the flood and continual storms, but they are unable to clean everything, as there is still standing water in several areas. With the final coat of blacktop put on, Hindt reported the South Broadway Avenue project has been completed. Now the water should be flowing into a catch basin instead of pooling in the street.

• John Fenske is still hopeful the pool project will be completed shortly, allowing the pool to open on June 7 as planned. While the weather has kept them from pouring the concrete it has proved that the pool has no leaks and holds water.

• Finally, council member Todd Jones said, "Everybody that helped out with Wilderfest did an awesome job." Everyone on the council shared his sentiment, agreeing that the event was a definite success.

• The next meeting will be Monday, June 10, at 6 p.m. Last week's meeting was delayed due to the Memorial Day holiday.